The Effects of Freight Shipping on an Economy

Submitted by Logan Faulkner
on 02/21/18

Growing up in Jacksonville, where the two largest interstates intersect and with
one of the largest seaports in the southern United States, seeing cargo being shipped
was not an unusual sight. In fact, from my own backyard, the seaport is visible and all
the cargo ships pass through just feet from the fence. What I did not know was how
big of an effect the port, and the shipping of the freights, has on the economy of the
Jacksonville last year was the largest container port complex in Florida, with
over a million containers of cargo landing at JAXPORT and being shipped out across
the country. This includes being the largest vehicle handling port in the nation, 9,126
metric tons of rice, 28 million pounds of playing cards, and 17 million four packs of
beer. These trades created about 162 billion dollars between Jacksonville and other
ports. That is a significant amount of money being created just by having the seaport.
The effects that money has and the money of the shipping of these products to other
places around the country and the world has is even more staggering. The money
invested into JAXPORT creates twenty- four dollars for every dollar invested.
however, the cargo does not just sit in the port forever. The cargo is taken out of
the port and loaded up to be shipped. Since Jacksonville is the largest container port complex
in the state of Florida, shipping the freights by semi trucks is very normal.
Thousands of trucks come to and from Jacksonville every year. Having both interstates
95 and interstate 10 pass through downtown and interstate 295 runs right over the
port, it is very accessible to trucks coming to bring and take cargo from the port. These
actions have not only created billions of dollars as stated before but 132,000 jobs and
an additional 27 billion dollars to the regional economy.
The effects of freight shipping on the economy are felt throughout the country as
well. According to the United States Department of Transportation and the Bureau of
Transportation Statistics, shipping freight by truck created over eleven billion dollars of
revenue domestically. Freight shipping by truck was over half of the revenue created by
shipping in the United States in 2013. These numbers are only going up because of
the demand for the service. It is predicted by 2040 that over twenty- one billion dollars
will be produced by truck-based freight shipping, still over half of the total revenue. The
effect this will have on not only the national economy but port cities like Jacksonville will
be abundant. Economies around the nation could gain millions, if not billions of
dollars in extra revenue for these cities.

Submitted by Logan Faulkner
on 02/21/18

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