Shipping An Exotic Automobile | How Much Does It Cost?

Though the process is not drastically different from shipping any other car, there are some extra measures that should be taken when transporting an exotic car. By definition, an exotic car tends to be high-performance and/or high-valued, both of which require an extra measure of care when shipping over long distances. Generally speaking, you can expect the costs for shipping an exotic car to be anywhere from 10% to 30% higher than a standard vehicle, depending on the method and vehicle.


The main thing that makes the cost of shipping an exotic automobile more expensive is the method of shipment. (Other factors are also at play–see below–but this is one of the most important.)

Exotic, rare, and high-end cars are part of the select group of vehicles that are sometimes delivered by air freight. That is to say, delivered by plane, rather than transported by truck. Though it is much more expensive, air freight does completely cut out the possibility of damages due to weather, poor road conditions, and the usual dust and debris that comes with a long distance car transport.

For customers that prefer the more affordable standard method of overland shipping, there are also options that add to the cost. Exotic cars that are shipped on a transport carrier are often shipped in smaller numbers, or even on their own in many cases. This is generally to accommodate door-to-door delivery, or so that the car can be moved in an enclosed truck to protect it from the elements. Both of these options, while not terribly expensive, do add to the price you can expect to pay.

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Other Cost Factors When Shipping An Exotic Car.

It probably comes as no surprise that it’s more expensive to ship an exotic car internationally that it is to ship in the U.S. Part of the reason is rather obvious: it costs more to ship longer distances. The other part of the equation that may not seem as obvious is that there are taxes on imports to other countries, which includes vehicles. The higher the determined value of the car, the more it is likely to cost.

Along the same lines, there are harmonization rules in play in some countries that may require modification for the car to be legally driven there.  The most obvious example is cars that are left-hand drive when they are shipped to a country that requires them to be right-hand drive. Definitely not a cheap fix and one you may not even want to consider when dealing with an exotic automobile.

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