North to South Auto Transport

North to South Auto Transport

Transporting a car from north to south through professionals is worth every penny you may spend on shipping services. Most auto transport companies charge per the mile. Of course, there are many other factors that are determined before the total of your shipping costs can be provided.


North to South Auto Transport since 1989


Since the final cost to ship the car depends on many things, you can’t get an honest total on your bill without submitting certain information to the transport company. The shipping process for a vehicle can range anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. When shipping from a northern state to a southern state, you can expect the price you pay to range anywhere from $500 to $1,000 on average.

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Things That Affect the Cost of Shipping a Vehicle from North to South

  • Vehicle specs such as age, weight, model and brand
  • The distance the transporter must travel to deliver the car
  • The transport services you decide to buy
  • Whether or not you ship along other household goods with the vehicle
  • The time of year you need the car shipped- winter months may cost more due to the inclement weather conditions
  • The price of fuel at the time of the transport
  • Discounts you may qualify for

It shouldn’t take long after receiving the correct information for the transport company’s representatives to come up with a total. Within a matter of minutes, you should know what it will cost to ship your vehicle from north to south. However, you can get a quick estimate by simply using the transporter’s online calculator.

The Cheapest Way to Ship a Vehicle Anywhere in the United States

The cheapest and most common way to ship a vehicle across the nation is by open air transport methods. Usually with these methods, the transporter secures the vehicle to a hauler that carries multiple vehicles at a time. Open air methods leave the vehicle open to poor weather and other outside elements. This isn’t typically a concern because the vehicle should be protected under the shipping company’s insurance policy. Always ask about insurance. By state law, all transporters should carry insurance for their customers during the shipping process. This only includes the amount of protection set by the state. If you wish for full or additional protection, ask the transporter. For an extra fee, you can usually get all the protection you desire for your vehicle during its transport from the north to south.

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