How To Ship Your Muntz

As far as vintage cars go, the Muntz was only in existence for a period of about 4 years. It only sold a few units but remains one of the most iconic brands to date.

Moving such a car long distance deserves care that can stand up to its reputation. Choose a company that offers the following

Customer focus

The client takes much more from the process than the actual move of the vehicles from point A to B. How the company handles the client will eventually determine how they judge the whole process. The actual shipment might go smoothly but without, say, the client receiving regular updates about their shipments and having their questions and complaints responded to in a timely manner.

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Experienced drivers and staff

It is often said that a company that treats its employees well will have that investment transferred to the clientele. Straight from the front office staff to the drivers and mechanics that handle the car transport, the best companies treat their employees with the utmost respect because this the courtesy they will extend to the customer. One of the benefits of this is that the workplace then ranks highly in terms of employee satisfaction. Once an employee enters the company, they stay on for years, forming a family that understands both each other and the job. With most people at the company staying for long, everyone will know and understand the role they play in keeping the company at the top of the game.

Pre-shipping advice

A lot needs to be done before the actual contract is signed. The best companies in the business are those that give customers as much information as possible. For the first timers especially, the process is often tedious and overwhelming, with a wealth of information and not enough time to internalize it. Nonetheless, everyone often wants to participate in the shipping process. The best companies in the business must be able to advise the customer on such issues as bill of lading, the contract requirements, mode of payment, tracking services, insurance and customs for those looking to ship to or from overseas locations. Look for a company confident enough to offer advice on how to potentially reduce the cost of the auto shipping process. Clever tips for the removal of excess clutter and luggage might help in reducing the cost of the shipping process.


Whether international or domestic, open or enclosed shipping, there is always a lingering fear at the back of most people’s minds, wondering if their car is truly safe and what happens in case of damage. The fear is especially heightened when dealing with a vintage car like the Muntz. Look, therefore, for a company that offers comprehensive insurance on every vehicle they transport. The USDOT requires every company to have its vehicles insured. However, there is no limit to the amount of insurance one can place on the vehicles they transport. Do not be afraid to ask for the specific details of the insurance amounts, what is covered and what is not.

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