How To Ship Your Kaiser 

The great need for transportation after the Second World War saw many automobile industry players enter the fray. Cars made during this time, like the classic Kaiser, are among some of the most impressive and enviable today. Whether it is through a private sale, online auction or from a museum, obtaining such a vehicle is obviously an uphill task.

With the hard job of buying it already done, what then remains is to look for a reliable car shipping company to transport the vehicle home. With our company, you are always guaranteed the highest quality of service. Here are some things you are guaranteed to get with our car shipping packages.


Whatever the type of car transport your personal preferences and budget will allow you to afford, rest assured that we have what you need. There are two basic types of automobile transportation services offered by our company, domestic and overseas. Domestic transportation options include rail, road and air transportation. Air transport is the most expensive and fastest and might appeal to some because of the exclusivity and speed. However, the most common type of auto transport we offer is road based. Our carriers are either single or multi-carriers, open or enclosed.

Open carrier typically carries up to ten cars per truck, but there are smaller carrier that only handles either three or just the one car.  The multi-carriers are much slower and cheaper and are used mostly by dealerships and businesses looking to buy many vehicles. The single carrier trucks are much faster and expensive. There are no stops to pick up or drop vehicles, so one can expect a regular schedule. The enclosed carriers are most expensive, and typically only carry one vehicle.

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Customer service

We believe that clients will judge us by what they experience, and not necessarily what happens on the road. While we strive to transport their cars safely home, our customer service and support is what sets us apart. We give every case the individual attention it deserves, giving every vehicle transported a contact person. We answer all questions and concerns as comprehensively and as timely as possible, we also offer tracking services to our clients. One is given a reference number with which they can log into our website and access information about the state of their shipment.


Our company is big on customer satisfaction, so naturally convenience will be one of our strongest points. While terminal based delivery and pickup is favored by some because it reduces the cost, we believe the customer does not have to do anything once they put us in charge. Especially when dealing with vintage cars, we make sure we deliver everything at one’s doorstep.

Our door to door delivery and pickup services come at an affordable cost. We also understand that one might not be immediately available to receive their vehicle at the end of the journey. We, therefore, have storage facilities where the vehicle can wait till the owner is ready. For international shipment, we handle everything involved in the customs agreement.

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