Ford Anglia

How To Ship Your Ford Anglia.

The Ford Anglia is a small family car produced from 1939 to 1967. Several models of the Anglia were produced, they include: E04A (1939-1948), A54A (1946-1948), E494A (1949-1953), 100E (1953-1959), 105E (1959-1968), Torino 105E (1965-1967), and Super 123E (1962-1967).

The early versions of the car came in 2-door sedan body style, with a 933 cc sidevalve I4 engine and rear wheel drive system. Later models came in 2-door sedan, 3-door estate and 2-door panel body styles, with a larger 1.2L straight-four engine.

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When planning to ship your Ford Anglia, and you need to hire an auto shipping company, here are some qualities you should do.

  • Find a company that is reliable, but whose prices are not exorbitant
  • Ensure that the company is licensed, insured and certified. You can ask for the evidence of these.
  • You can find out what previous customers are saying about that company from sites like the Better Business Bureau.
  • Get a quote from the company. It is also good to get from one or two others and compare pricing to make sure what the company is charging is within an acceptable range.
  • When getting a proper estimation, certain things come to play in determining the cost of the shipment, and they include the nature of the shipping services you go for.
  • Find out about the insurance you may have to pay for your vehicle; it is either part of the shipping cost, or optional as an extra cost.
  • If you choose door to door delivery, ensure that you are at home to receive your car at the agreed time.
  • When you get your car, evaluate it for damages and compare with the initial state of the car. If there are issues, then you should contact the customer service unit if the auto transport company and raise your complaints, and follow it up from there.

Shipping Methods.

  • Open and enclosed carriers: Shipping with open carriers is less expensive; however, the cars are exposed to weather elements, dusts, or any other hazards. Enclosed carriers are more expensive, but offer protection to the car from weather factors and other hazards. It is better to use this when shipping very expensive cars.
  • Terminal to terminal: Terminals are designated facilities within certain areas, where cars are dropped off to be picked by the carrier, or dropped by carrier to be picked by owner. Terminal to terminal service reduces the cost of the shipping when compared to door to door.
  • Door to door: While some companies use only terminals, there are those who are able to pick cars from wherever clients have them, and also deliver them to the door steps of their owners. However, this brings additional costs.
  • Domestic and international shipping: This has to do with moving a car within the national borders, usually from state to state, across the country. International shipping requires long distance, overseas movement of vehicles wherever you want it.

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