Cost To Ship A Four Wheeler

Shipping a four wheeled ATV to another location is something that is done every day. There are a few factors that will affect the total cost to ship it; these factors include distance, special additions, customizations, where it may be shipped, the weight of the ATV, and is it currently running or not.

The current cost of gas when you ship the ATV will also play a role in the total cost. Because there are so many factors that play a role in the total cost, the quotes you receive could vary a bit. It’s important to get a quote from more than one vehicle shippers before you make the commitment to go with one.

It’s important to have an idea on how much it will cost to ship a four wheeler. Knowing the estimated cost to expect can help you prepare for your transport and help you compare quotes more efficiently. There are still some factors that will affect the actual price from the quote that you receive but, these figures will give you a general idea. It’s important to also add the price of short term insurance on your quote if you were not quoted insurance as well. This is a must when shipping anything. The cost of transporting a Quad through A1 Auto Transport service, the charges from Los Angeles, CA to New York City is about $750 while if you need the quad transported from Boston, MA to Las Vegas, NV: $700. However costs are lower if you are shipping from Chicago, IL to Seattle, WA as it is within the $600 range.  You will need to check with us about the transit cost to the specific city.


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Enclosed or Open Carriers.

The carrier you choose will most likely haul loads using an open container or a closed container. An open container may be an open flatbread hauler and an enclosed container would reference a crate that your ATV will be shipped in. While some transporting companies will only haul motorcycles and forms of motorcycles, others will not be limited and will haul everything from ATV’s to trucks. Before you make arrangements to ship your ATV’s, you need to consider the method that they will be shipping your ATV in when it is ready to ship out. It is best to talk with us and get a quote on the services.

What’s In your Quote?

It doesn’t matter whether what type of ATV you are shipping, you should know the cost to ship a four wheeler in your quote when you receive one. Besides the distance being the biggest factor and will reflect the cost with the current price of fuel, it’s important to know what else is included in your quote. One charge that could be added is the fuel surcharge and you need to know why it’s included.

It’s important that you purchase insurance for your transport. While most quotes will include some type of coverage, it will mostly cover the damages done directly by the auto carrier so this leaves you vulnerable if your vehicle is damaged another way during transport. Ask for the supplemental insurance plan that you can purchase separately and will give you the coverage you need while the 4-wheeler is in transport.

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