Moving overseas

Submitted by Zoe Schindler
on 03/10/18

Moving overseas, it does sound very attractive on the first sight. Getting out of town after over 20 years, discover new territories, meet new people, and become more successful in the job. It can have so many advantages but have you actually thought about leaving home, your family, and everything that comes with it? And then next, how on earth are you going to get all your stuff from one place to another?

My name is Zoe and I have been through this process more than once and are currently in the same boat again. Being originally from Germany, where I lived my life and grew up to a young adult I decided to move to the United States after High School, yet for only a limited time of one year. Having this in mind I was a wreck when it came to the time I actually needed to pack and move. There were so many regulations and questions: Do I have the right visa? Am I allowed to bring my cat? How am I supposed to get all this into my suitcase?

  • In the end, I managed and had an amazing time overseas.

Yet, the time came to say goodbye America, Hello Germany. And again the nerve-wracking time started all over again. As I managed to fall in love during my year abroad it was not easy at all to leave my American life and friends behind. So I started packing and let me tell you it is not a simple task to put your life into two suitcases (I might have been ended up with three).

Once I got back home to Germany I decided that I do not want to stay here and within two weeks I moved to the Netherlands to start my college career. So here I am, enjoying the beauty of Amsterdam city. Yes, it is as gorgeous as it looks on photos. Millions and millions of tulips, old houses, canals throughout the city, people in boats, and bikes EVERYWHERE. With everywhere it is meant literally, the Dutch population is, by the way, one of the healthiest, the Americans might want to check how this “biking” works. But it is indeed more than cool. I have been here for two years now and ever since I have not used a car once. My bike does everything, from massive grocery shopping trips to caring the new furniture, to lastly getting a Christmas tree on my two-wheeler, I pretty much experienced everything. Living the Dutch life over 4000 miles away from my boyfriend did not make life any sweeter, so he tried to move over to live with me, which was absolutely great until the point where laws, regulations, and life got into the way and he had to go back to the States.

Nonetheless, here I am again, wanting to move abroad, again…

You might think, everything for the boyfriend??? But no, it is not all for him, yes I love him even after two years of a long distance relationship and yet I am going abroad for myself. I believe we should take the chances in life that are given to us, no matter how hard it might be or no matter what it will cost. For me, it is a once in a lifetime experience to study in a different country and my time is now.

My next semester will be an exchange semester which I will be doing at the University of Miami in Florida, for which I am more than excited! I cannot wait to be in the nice and sunny weather all year round.

The worries I had prior are my least problems, I most likely will have to struggle with finding an accommodation. I mean Amsterdam was already CRAZY, I am telling you but I believe Miami is another completely different level. One of my friends, for instance, got a room in the heart of Amsterdam and yet he is paying for an additional storage unit to keep all his stuff.

So my plan for the coming semester will be:

  1. Pack as less as possible (which probably will not happen, as I know myself)
  2. Get all visa requirements ASAP
  3. Do not spend any money prior to afford to live in one of the greatest cities in the world (this will also be hard, especially when I see food)
  4. Do not go shopping while you are there (100% not happening)
  5. Have the best time as a foreign college student in the United States!

Even if my plan is not quite realistic, except point five, I will try to do my best to enjoy my time there. I will live in the moment, make new friends, and I will spend most of my free days on the beach. I cannot wait to see something new, be somewhere new and experience something new.

Life is great!

Submitted by Zoe Schindler
on 03/10/18

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