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Joe brought me peace of mind. I can’t thank you enough for being so reliable and trustworthy

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International Moving Services Overseas

What's in this article?
  1. Getting Reliable Services From Reputable International Moving Companies
  2. How To Choose The Best International Movers
  3. Cost
  4. Customer Service
  5. Company Reputation
  6. Insurance
  7. Storage Services
  8. Car Shipping
  9. International Mover Tips
  10. International Shipping With A1 Auto Transport
  11. What Stands Us Out?
  12. Customized International Moving Services
  13. International Car Shipping
  14. How Cars Are Shipped Internationally
  15. International Moving Cost
  16. Examples Of Cost & Time Taken For International Moves
  17. Start Early With Preparations
  18. Visa And Passport Information For International Relocation
  19. Storage During Your International Move
  20. Tracking Goods In International Moves
  21. Transportation Services From The Airport
  22. How Is Insurance Handled?
  23. Residency In A New Country
  24. Renting A Home In A New Country
  25. Working After Making An International Move
Global Moving Companies

Getting Reliable Services From Reputable International Moving Companies

International moves can be a stressful experience, especially when you are unsure which international movers to choose. The good news is that many reputable international companies specialize in international moves, including A1 Auto Transport. We have compiled some helpful tips for choosing the best company and getting started with your relocation!

Choosing the best international movers for your personal or corporate relocation can be daunting if you are unsure what to look out for. Several factors should influence your decision, including cost and customer service. The list below will help keep you on track as you begin researching other international moving companies:

How to Choose the Best International Movers


Of course, one of the biggest concerns people have is how much their international moves will end up costing them in the long run since everybody is looking for competitive rates. However, it is important not to base this solely on price alone since other considerations are at play here, such as time spent waiting around facilities or lost/damaged belongings during transit, as well as customs clearance. Also, consider whether additional fees may apply, making more expensive international movers worth their higher rates.

Customer Service

Often, it is not just the cost that you're looking for but rather how well a company handles issues and other problems (especially if they do arise). Make sure to look into customer reviews online or ask friends who have recently moved. Additionally, consider any complaints made against the international movers (if any) through BBB or elsewhere to understand what type of service you can expect from this moving agency.

Movers In International City

Company Reputation

Make sure to look into the background of any company you're thinking about hiring. If they've been in business for a long time, this is typically an indication that their experienced international moving company service is good enough that others have continued to hire them over and over again after a successful international relocation.


You'll want your goods covered during transport which usually comes at an additional cost but may be worth it if something happens along the way!

Storage Services

When moving internationally, delays are often involved due to customs or paperwork issues. This requires storing some belongings until everything gets sorted out on both ends - one option being storage facilities locally near where you will move abroad (or need temporary housing). Additionally, many international movers offer storage options for those who are temporarily moving back to the US or if you plan on returning for visits.

Car Shipping

For those who need their car transported internationally, there is an option of having it driven over in a partial or full container load with your belongings - but this requires extensive research into costs and timing as well as delivery availability where you're going! Car shipping with a damage free arrival can also be expensive due to how much space they take up and the customs clearance process of the foreign country, so make sure this fits within your budgeting parameters before proceeding.

International Moving Companies New Jersey

International Mover Tips

Before you make your international move, here are some tips to help you get started.

Arrange Visas: Visas are required for all countries; however, some are easier to get than others. If you have a passport from the UK, then visiting Europe will be an easy process, while getting into Australia or New Zealand might take more effort. Make sure that everyone in your family has their visa so they can visit different places if desired!

Book Your International Mover: The best way to find international movers is through word of mouth - ask friends who've moved abroad before and see which company handled their international move process. It's also good to check with the embassy where you're moving as they might recommend certain reputable agencies and experienced international moving companies that offer export packing services plus a free moving quote too. Asking online on forums often yields quick results too, plus it gives you valuable advice straight from people who've already made a move.

De-Clutter: This isn't just for your sanity, but having too much stuff can cause you unnecessary stress when it comes to the international move process. Make sure you make proper pre-move planning packing techniques to a good clear out of anything that won't fit in your new home!

Documentation: Depending on where you're moving to, your personal paperwork might need updating. Check with the consulate of your new residence about how long it takes for certain paperwork like customs clearance to come through and if they require anything specific from you before you move.

Change of Address: Moving internationally is all about preparation. Make sure you have notified everyone of your new destination. This includes family members and friends as well businesses that need to know where they can find you in case something goes wrong.

Health Care: If the move means a change in health care at your destination, make sure you are up-to-date with any vaccinations required for entry into the said country before the international removal team arrives on day one! Anyone who's ever had chickenpox knows how unpleasant it can be, so avoid having to get through customs while scratching like crazy if possible.

Relocating Your Pet: This may seem obvious, but it isn't just something people think about when choosing overseas relocation services; pets aren't always welcome everywhere. Be sure to research whether or not pet relocation is part of the services offered and how much it will cost if they come along for the ride!

Finances: This is potentially one of the most important things that should be done well in advance as money will likely be an issue at some point with relocation services. You don't want any nasty surprises, so consider costs from various other international movers, including visas, transport, storage, etc.

Accommodation Costs: Even a corporate relocation or office moves within your own country might mean an increase in rent/home-ownership fees from one city to another so keep such add on services in mind when budgeting as well...not everyone has access to cheap accommodation options like hostels too, especially those who want more space than just a bed on their travels!

Research: It might seem like common sense, but finding out everything possible about where you're moving will save both time and money later down the line. More research, knowledge, and preparation beforehand means choosing the best international relocation services which will save frustration at this stressful point in time.

Relocation Movers International

International Shipping With A1 Auto Transport

At A1 Auto Transport, our global shipping and global moving services along with the add on services are extremely flexible, which means you can choose to ship your vehicle on our North American van lines with other household items (such as clothing and furniture) or forgo the container altogether if you don't need it. We keep you completely informed.

Our process is easy and stress-free, which is why we offer a wide range of services, including customs clearance management and destination services aimed at making moving across borders easier.

For more information on our international shipping options or for a free moving quote, give us a call today!

What Stands Us Out?

Our high-quality service, our pricing, as well as our tri-regional capability are what make us one of the largest independent moving company around. We are not just another "international shipper," but rather a network that provides relocation services to all countries around the world.

This means we have access to more experienced staff members who know how to handle all types of shipments (including team relocations)—no matter where they're going or how big they are! Our team has experience in the moving industry, working in multiple countries around the world. We also offer online tracking so you can see your shipment's progress at any given time.

Customized International Moving Services

We also offer customized international moving services to all countries around the world. We can help you prepare your moving day by first giving you our customized international moving quote. We also do full-service storage as well as destination services depending on the transportation method, so don't hesitate to contact us! Our team will make sure every item gets from Point A to Point B safely with our protective measures, utmost care and large fleet access.

The process involved in our customized international moving services is just as easy. We will load your items into our temperature-controlled and secure storage facilities. Then we'll ship them to the destination of your choice on a date that works best for you, making us one of the best international moving companies.

International Car Shipping

Shipping your car internationally is the best option when relocating to another country. It's also much more affordable than you might think! When going for international car shipping, you should look at the available options and decide on the best one for your needs.

Premium Relocation Services

How Cars Are Shipped Internationally

There are several ways that you can ship your car, depending upon the circumstances surrounding it. Some of these options include:

Roll-on/roll-off: This option is a good one for those cars that are "drivable" regularly. This is often the case with sports cars, luxury vehicles, and some other models where you have to drive them every day. They can be shipped with united van lines or Atlas van lines.

Container shipping: You can also ship your car in a container as long as it's less than 20 feet long. The advantage of this option is that there will not be any issues concerning customs clearance or licensing because they're already enclosed within the shipping container itself. One way around this would be if you were having another family membership their vehicle simultaneously so that both containers could then share space inside one larger unit, reducing the costs of move estimates.

Air freight services: This option is only available if you have an international airport nearby that can receive aircraft deliveries from abroad, which makes most small airports in rural areas ineligible since they don't usually fulfill these kinds of standards required for large planes carrying cargo shipments. There are plenty of international moving specialists offering home pickup services, so check around before deciding what kind of transport company you want to go with.

Cross Border Movers

International Moving Cost

Several things go into calculating how much your international moving cost will be, as the size of all your belongings, its weight, the transportation method, and if you want a customized international moving plan. A price per cubic foot is often used for larger shipments, while small ones are usually charged by the pound, which adds up quickly to heavier goods or multiple items that can fit into one box (which may contain either fragile items or books).

Most companies will first assess how much it will cost for the moving process, but they do not include insurance, shipping fees, or taxes in their price.

Examples of Cost & Time Taken For International Moves

To/From2BR4BREstimated Time
Houston to Puerto Rico$3,000- $4,900$5,400- $9,0003-5 weeks
New York to UK$3,700- $5,200$7,000- $9,5003-5 weeks
Miami to France$4,000- $5,500$7,300- $9,9003-5 weeks
Detroit to Germany$4,600- $6,300$8,500- $11,5003-5 weeks
Phoenix to Costa Rica$4,100- $7,000$7,600- $12,6003-6 weeks
Philadelphia to Hawaii$4,500- $6,200$8,500- $11,5004-6 weeks
Memphis to Spain$5,000- $7,000$9,300- $12,5004-6 weeks
Las Vegas to Japan$4,600- $6,300$8,600- $11,6004-6 weeks
Seattle to Argentina$3,700- $6,200$7,000- $11,5004-8 weeks
Los Angeles to Australia$4,400- $5,900$8,100- $11,0005-7 weeks

*Please note that these estimates do not include taxes, customs clearance fees & duties, insurance & quarantine inspections. They assume easy access to both pick up and drop-off addresses and do not allow for special items such as pianos.

Estimated Weight (based on home size):

  • 1BR=2600 lbs - 3900 lbs
  • 2BR=3900 lbs - 5200 lbs
  • 3BR=6500 lbs - 9100 lbs
  • 4BR=9100 lbs - 14300 lbs
  • 5BR=11700 lbs - 19500 lbs

Start Early with Preparations

It may take little planning to pack up a small truck and move across town to a new apartment or house, but when you move overseas, you must take quite a bit of time to plan everything to ensure safe and efficient services are utilized from start to finish. An international mover based in the United States is required to register their business with the Federal Maritime Commission to move personal goods to another country.

As a consumer in search of international movers that will put your needs first and make sure your property is handled carefully, it is best to start reaching out to company agents no less than 90 days ahead of the planned date of the move. There is a good reason to start planning this far in advance. You want everything to go smoothly and not find yourself facing delays or issues with customs clearance.

Passport Information for International Relocation

Visa and Passport Information for International Relocation

During your international relocation, you must make sure that your visa allows it; otherwise, you might not be able to enter a new nation. This could be frustrating if this weren't planed into the entire move ahead of time, so be sure to check before doing anything else or calling our office about getting assistance with your corporate relocation!

The main types of visas are temporary, which allow people from other countries entry on a short-term basis ranging from one month up until five years depending on what type of work permit has been issued by their destination's government. Alternatively, there are also permanent visas usually given to people who have lived in the country for a longer time.

Before you can head out on an international job assignment or begin working in another country, there are certain requirements about visas and passports that must be cleared first since these could potentially disqualify you from employment if they aren't met during the process before leaving the United States.

Storage During Your International Move

The moving agency should be able to offer storage services using international van lines, so there isn't a lapse between moving out from one country and into another. This also makes traveling more convenient because everything you'll need is already packed up in storage.

If you are looking for a company with such international moving resources, look no further than A1 Auto Transport. We provide storage services to private and corporate clients with pending corporate relocation across much of the British Association, depending on their final destination.

Overseas Removals Quotes

Tracking Goods in International Moves

A tracking number will allow you to monitor each item from when it leaves our warehouse up until it reaches its final destination, which makes giving us a call about any lost or damaged merchandise much easier because we have records of every single package being sent out thus allowing us to quickly track down what may be missing or broken before sending another one out at no extra cost.

Transportation Services from the Airport

One of the most stressful parts of an international relocation after customs clearance management is transporting yourself and your luggage from the airport to where you have rented or have bought a home.

In most cases, it is best to leave all the logistics and pre-move planningfor those relocation services specializing in international relocation, such as Schumacher Cargo Logistics as they will be able to offer transportation services from the airport as part of their contract.

However, if you are looking at doing this on your own, then some things need taking into consideration before attempting such a feat with just one person and all of one’s possessions going by air transport. Such considerations are insurance, the weight of your items, and what they are made up of.

How is insurance handled?

You may need additional coverage like comprehensive insurance for damage during international moving, especially if the move moving household goods overseas, like porcelain vases, glassware, and other things that are easy to break when mishandled. This insurance with overseas partnersand allied van lines is one way to protect your items during an international move.

Residency in a New Country

People planning on moving to a different country to live there for an extended period (more than three months) will need to apply for what is known as residency. This documentation is the first step in obtaining citizenship or permanent resident status, which allows you to live and work within a country's borders on a more long-term basis.

International Moving Companies Near Me

Renting a Home in a New Country

After receiving your visa, it may be possible that you can begin looking into renting accommodations before relocating if there are any houses available at this point. If not, you will most likely get situated after moving once everything has been sorted out with immigration officials. The best way to go about this is to look for van lines international services that have been in your new location for a while and see how they help people to secure living arrangements.

Working after Making an International Move

Unless you are retiring and have a steady source of income, you may have no option other than to find a way to work when you make an international move. Some countries may have restrictions and will not allow foreigners to work as they very understandably want their own citizens to be able to take the employment positions. But if you are able to work remotely from your computer, you can still have a steady income.

Here are a few positions you may want to consider if you live in a country that will allow foreigners to work:

  • English Teacher
  • Office Assistant
  • Laborer
  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Bartender

These are all service industry and manual labor positions, but they are sufficient to earn a little extra money to make it from one to the next. You will most likely need to apply for a work visa so you can legally work no matter where you are living. In some countries, your employer will need to send a letter before you move so you can obtain a work visa.

There are several organizations you may want to check to help find employment when living abroad. These include the following:

Alliances Abroad - This organization offers work in a variety of countries and even offers temporary hotel stays during the time you are working.

Council on International Educational Exchange Work Abroad Program (CIEE) - This organization offers employment services such as help with obtaining work permits in Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Ireland, and New Zealand for people in search of short-term work. They also offer student exchange programs and educational scholarships.

BUNAC - This organization offers work services in Australia, Britain, Canada, and New Zealand.

If you plan to live abroad and want to work while you are in your new country, be sure to take time to research employment laws for foreigners before you move. Also, be sure to contact the embassy for the country you are moving to so you can find out which visa you need and what you need to do to work when you arrive.

Cheap Overseas Moving Companies

International Moving Guide

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If I need to store my goods for a time, can this be done? If so, how?

How is insurance handled?

How does the quotation process work?  Are there in-house estimates?

How are shipping charges calculated?

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