Long Distance Moving

Submitted by Devyn Blangeard
on 12/14/17

Moving is complicated even though at first look it seems simple. To take care of everything, dissect the process into three basic steps. First, make a plan for the move. Second, decide whether to hire professionals or not. Third, pack the household items and transport them. If you follow the plan, then there will be less stress during and after the move.

The most comprehensive part of a long distance move is making a plan. Planning should start three to six months in advance, and the decision whether to hire professionals or not made at the beginning (A-1 Auto Transport, Inc, 2017). If hiring professionals, it is cheaper to move during spring, winter, or fall because they are the slower seasons (Corrigan Moving Systems, 2017). While planning the move, it is going to save time if the new utility companies, pet groomers or veterinarians, and a new school for children are located before the move. This includes turning on the utilities, including water and electricity (A-1 Auto Transport, Inc, 2017). Locating the local grocery stores and other businesses ahead of time can make the new house feel like a home.

If pets are moving as well, double-check that the new area doesn’t require any special permits, licensing, or other information for the pets. Some rules to follow are: make sure all shots are up to date, make sure the pets have their rabies tags, have the pets microchipped, take detailed pictures of the pets before the move, keep collars on the pets with ID tags attached with current contact information, use pet carriers that the pets are comfortable with, and have ample food and water for the entire move (A-1 Auto Transport, Inc, 2017).

Part of the planning process is making a floor plan. This allows an idea of where the furniture is going as well as making sure that all the furniture will not crowd the new house. Maneuvering large or oversized furniture may be difficult at the new house due to stairwells or moving around tight corners (Corrigan Moving Systems, 2017). Also remember to think in terms of open floor space, not just square footage (Alcaidinho, 2017).

The next part of moving long distance is deciding whether to hire professionals or not. Do-It-Yourself moves are better if moving locally, if only moving boxes and small items, and if financial obligations are a concern. Hiring professionals can include the moving company itself, help with packing, professional cleaners, vehicle transport companies, and pet sitters. If professionals are hired, make sure to compare quotes and services listed for any company.

“Professional moving companies work well because they provide someone to assist with figuring out the number of boxes, protective furniture pads or covers, and the size of the truck (A-1 Auto Transport, Inc, 2017).” If you are moving for work or in a shorter time frame, professional moving companies will be an asset; ask for a moving quote for express moving services (A-1 Auto Transport, Inc, 2017). When hiring a moving company, research them using resources such as BBB, Yelp, Angie’s List, and movingscam.com and ask for in-home moving estimates. Requesting in-home moving estimates does several things: ensures an exact price, allows the homeowner to get a “feel” for the moving company, and validates that the company is legitimate. It is also prudent to know your legal rights. For example, “movers are required to provide compensation for items that are damaged or lost during transportation, but the amount of compensation they are required to offer varies significantly. With full valuation protection the mover will repair or replace any item that is damaged during the move, but you pay an additional fee for the increased coverage (Corrigan Moving Systems, 2017).” Hiring a moving truck instead of a moving company is a good choice for local moves.

If moving across states or internationally, consider a professional auto transport company; make sure to call the insurance company to make sure coverage is in effect during the move. When transporting a vehicle, remove everything from it except the spare tire and jack. Complete a walkthrough of the vehicle with the driver as well. Also, if the new house will not be ready when the moving truck arrives or if some items will be moved out of the old house prior to the move, then it is a good idea to use a storage facility. Using a storage facility is also a good way to take inventory and make sure pertinent items are not missing (A-1 Auto Transport, Inc, 2017).

The last part of the long distance moving process is packing up items. “Downsizing is always a good idea even when the move is a short distance across town to a new home (A-1 Auto Transport, Inc, 2017).” One of the goals while packing should be to reduce clutter. If you have not used it in a year, throw it out or donate it (A-1 Auto Transport, Inc, 2017). “With a long distance move, the cost of your move is going to be based on the weight of the items you ship. The more you ship, the more you will end up paying (Corrigan Moving Systems, 2017).” By taking time to reduce clutter and clean during the process, it will make moving into the new house less stressful. Cleaning supplies can be bought at the local dollar store; make sure to include trash bags, toilet cleaner, household cleaners, and window cleaners. When packing and cleaning, start with the bathroom first as it has the least amount of distractions. It is also a good idea to focus on one room at a time to avoid being overwhelmed (Corrigan Moving Systems, 2017).

When packing, figure out how many boxes you will need and what items will fit inside them (A-1 Auto Transport, Inc, 2017). As you pack, label the boxes including a list of the items packed inside and – if you are using professional movers – what room the box goes in (Corrigan Moving Systems, 2017). Be careful about using clothing, sheets, or other easily stained items as padding (Alcaidinho, 2017). As you are packing, keep a checklist to keep track of everything. This will help when moving boxes and make it easier to have all computers, phones, and other electronics up and running quickly (A-1 Auto Transport, Inc, 2017).

In conclusion, moving is stressful and long distance moving even more so. However, by having a plan, deciding to hire professionals or not early in the process, decluttering as you pack, and labeling everything efficiently, the stress is reduced. There are a plethora of resources for moving. By taking time to plan, the move will be easier for everyone involved. “Who can’t relate to the idea of leaving one chapter behind and moving on to the next? (Mike Shinoda Quotes, 2017)”

Submitted by Devyn Blangeard
on 12/14/17

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