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Joe brought me peace of mind. I can’t thank you enough for being so reliable and trustworthy

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California Moving Companies | California Long Distance Moving Company Near Me - California Movers CA

California (CA), USA

What's in this article?
  1. California Long Distance Movers Near Me
  2. Best California Long Distance & Interstate Moving Companies Near Me
  3. Advantages Of Choosing A-1 Auto Transport As Your California Movers Business Near
  4. Factors That Determine The Estimates Of California Moving Services Company
  5. Distance For The Moving Company
  6. Moving Size/Weight For Movers
  7. Amount Of Items For The Movers
  8. Movers Packaging And Unpacking Services
  9. Bedroom Accessibility For Long-Distance Movers
  10. Local Movers Additional Services Such As Packing Materials And Auto Transport
  11. Moving Company Around Ca Seasonal Rush
  12. Moving Companies Near Me For Specialty Items
  13. Out Of State Movers Near Me - Movers Around You
  14. Cheap Professional Movers Near Me
  15. Tricks To Reduce Your Nevada Moving Services Estimate
  16. Pack And Unpack Yourself When Moving
  17. Disassemble Furniture When Moving
  18. De-Clutter Your Home Belongings To Get Ready For Moving Company
  19. Use Appropriate Boxes - Local Movers In California Will Have Free Boxes And Packing Materials
  20. Label Everything To Make Things Easy For Moving Companies
  21. Take Measurements
  22. Have A Professional Plan For A Better California Moving & Storage Customer Experience
  23. Choosing Your California Long Distance Movers That Provide Free Quote
  24. Best Customer Rated Local Area Moving Services
  25. How Much Will It Cost To Hire My California Long Distance Movers?
California Moving Companies | California Long Distance Moving Company Near Me - California Movers CA

California Long Distance Movers Near Me

California Moving Companies

Are you looking for professional moving services to handle your long distance move in California? Look no further than A-1 Auto Transport! Our staff of dedicated movers is ready to help you get the job done right, quickly and on time. Whether you need to move a few miles away or across the state, our local and long distance movers are available to make your relocation as stress free as possible.

We understand that moving can be overwhelming, so we offer comprehensive services to cater to your every need. From packing and loading, to transportation and delivery, we handle it all. We also provide full service moving company options for those who prefer to leave the entire job to us.

Best California Long Distance & Interstate Moving Companies Near Me

California Moving Services

Everyone knows how much of a trying situation moving can be. Between renting a truck, finding friends and family to help, packing everything up, and ensuring that nothing gets broken, loading it all up, transporting it to the new address, and unloading everything, you might be tempted to pull your hair out.

Don’t let the stress make an exciting moment in your life unpleasant. Consider hiring a professional moving company to help you. California movers can take the headache out of the process whether you are moving across town, or across the country.

Advantages of Choosing A-1 Auto Transport as Your California Movers Business Near

California Moving Company

At A-1 Auto Transport, we understand that no two moves are alike. That's why our team is committed to providing tailored solutions and customized services to meet your unique needs. Whether you need short or long term storage, pick up, drop off or delivery options, we have the experience and resources to help.

  • A-1 Auto Transport is one of the best professional moving companies in California, offering a comprehensive range of services from international van lines to North American van lines.. We offer experienced professionals who can handle all your moving needs, no matter how big or small.
  • With years of experience in the business, A-1 Auto Transport can provide you with the best possible service for your move. Our professional movers are trained to handle any and all kinds of moving situations, ensuring that your goods are transported safely and securely.
  • We take great pride in offering excellent customer service throughout the entire process, from initial consultation to the relocation itself. Our friendly staff are always there to answer any questions you may have, giving you peace of mind that your move is being taken care of by a team of professionals.
  • We also offer competitive rates for all our services, making us one of the most cost-effective moving companies in California. With A-1 Auto Transport, you can be sure that you’re getting the best value for your money.
  • In addition, we provide a stress-free experience to all our customers. Our team of professionals are highly trained and experienced in dealing with any type of move, no matter how complicated it may be. We make sure that all of your items are packed and transported safely, so that your move is as hassle-free as possible.

So if you’re looking for reliable and professional movers in California, look no further than A-1 Auto Transport. With our competitive rates and excellent customer service, we’re sure to make your next move a successful one!

Factors That Determine the Estimates of California Moving Services Company

California Moving Prices

Distance For The Moving Company

The biggest factor that affects the cost of moving services is the distance between your current location and your destination. Longer distances require more resources and time, which can affect the overall cost of your move.

Moving Size/Weight For Movers

Moving companies typically charge based on the size and weight of items being moved. Larger items, such as furniture and appliances, often require more resources to transport and can result in higher moving costs.

Amount of Items For The Movers

The number of items being moved also plays a role in the cost of a move. Moving companies usually charge based on the number of boxes or other items being transported, so larger moves may be more expensive.

Movers Packaging and Unpacking Services

Many moving companies offer packaging and unpacking services that can help reduce the amount of time spent on your move. This type of service usually comes at an additional cost.

Bedroom Accessibility For Long-Distance Movers

The accessibility of your current location and destination also play a role in the cost of a move. If movers have to carry items up stairs, for instance, it can take more time and resources and result in higher moving fees.

Local Movers Additional Services Such As Packing Materials And Auto Transport

Many moving companies offer additional services such as auto transport, packing materials and storage solutions. These extra services may come with additional costs that can add up quickly.

Moving Company Around CA Seasonal Rush

The number of customers trying to move during certain seasons can affect the cost of a move. Moving companies may charge higher prices during peak times to accommodate demand.

Moving Companies Near Me For Specialty Items

If you have large or specialty items that require special moving techniques, you may need to pay an extra fee for these services. Specialized equipment and additional personnel are usually required when moving these types of items, which can result in higher moving costs.

California Moving Rates

By understanding these factors, you can better prepare for the cost of your upcoming move and make sure that you get the service that best suits your needs and budget. Contact a reliable California moving company today to get started!

Phoenix to LA376 miles$2,341- $2,920$4,538- $6,5432-4
LA to Nevada529 miles$2,552- $3,194$4,989- $7,2192-4
Portland to Fresno812 miles$2,978- $3,750$5,902- $8,5863-5
LA to Denver851 miles$3,035- $3,824$6,023- $8,7653-5
San Jose to El Paso970 miles$3,146- $3,968$6,257- $9,1103-5
San Diego to Seattle1070 miles$3,272- $4,134$6,533- $9,5304-6
Memphis to Fresno1670 miles$3,879- $4,922$7,820- $11,4445-7
LA to Columbus1989 miles$4,216- $5,362$8,542- $12,5245-7
Miami to LA2352 miles$4,658- $5,939$9,490- $13,9416-8
LA to Boston2602 miles$5,008- $6,395$10,241- $15,0687-9

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and the contents of the home. Prices do not include packing.

Estimated Weight (based on home size):
1BR=2600 lbs - 3900 lbs
2BR=3900 lbs - 5200 lbs
3BR=6500 lbs - 9100 lbs
4BR=9100 lbs - 14300 lbs
5BR=11700 lbs - 19500 lbs

Out of State Movers Near Me - Movers Around You

California Long Distance Movers Near Me

Cheap Professional Movers Near Me

Looking for cheap long distance movers near you in California? Leaving California can be difficult, but maybe you're excited to plant fresh roots in the Midwest or the South. A1 Transport Services is here to help you feel comfortable with your impending relocation, no matter where you're going. Don't be shy about asking us anything you want to know about the moving process; we're a wealth of information.

California Long Distance Movers Services

If you’re also looking for extra hands to load and move furniture, because we know that your friends and family will be mysteriously busy that day, we are here to help. Our professional services go beyond transporting items from place to place. Can we help move a vehicle or a larger item? We have a team for that as well. Trust the company that has been leading in the transport industry for years. Head to A1 Auto Transport to compare long distance movers with trucks in your area right now.

California Long Distance Movers Cost

Tricks to Reduce Your Nevada Moving Services Estimate

Pack and Unpack Yourself When Moving

Moving can be stressful, but you can save money if you pack and unpack your own belongings. Preparing your things well before moving day ensures that they are safe and sound throughout the entire process. Make sure to use quality packing materials such as bubble wrap and tape to keep all of your items securely in place. Label each box clearly with the contents and room they belong in, this will make unpacking easier.

Disassemble Furniture When Moving

When it comes to large items like furniture that won’t fit through doorways, you can save money by disassembling them yourself instead of hiring professional movers. Make sure to keep all the hardware together in a sealed bag and clearly label each part with the item it belongs to. Once at your new home, you can then easily reassemble them.

De-Clutter Your Home Belongings To Get Ready For Moving Company

Moving is a great opportunity to get rid of things you don’t need anymore as unnecessary items take up valuable space in your moving truck. Make sure to donate or sell items that you don’t use or need anymore. This will also reduce the amount of time needed to pack and unpack your items, making for an easier moving experience.

Use Appropriate Boxes - Local Movers In California Will Have Free Boxes And Packing Materials

Ensure that all boxes are strong enough to withstand the load they have inside. Breakable items should be packed in smaller boxes while heavier objects should be placed in bigger boxes. Using the right type of box can help reduce the risk of damages while being transported.

Label Everything To Make Things Easy For Moving Companies

Labeling each and every one of your boxes is essential if you want to know exactly what is inside them. This will also help when it comes time to unpack as you'll know which room each item belongs in. Make sure to include the contents, the room they belong in, and a brief description of each item.

Take Measurements

Before hiring professional movers, make sure you have taken all necessary measurements of your home and furniture. This will give the company an idea of how much time it will take them to move everything as well as what kind of vehicle they will need.

Have a Professional Plan For A Better California Moving & Storage Customer Experience

Always have a plan in place and know exactly when you'll be ready to move out of your old home and into the new one. This will help ensure that everything moves along smoothly without any delays or unexpected surprises.

By following these tips, you can prepare your house for moving services and save money at the same time. A-1 Auto Transport provides reliable moving services in California and can help you with all your needs. Contact us today for more information about our services!

California Long Distance Movers Prices

Choosing Your California Long Distance Movers That Provide Free Quote

There are a lot of moving companies out there. How do you know you are choosing the right one? The best way to make sure, is to do your research.

  • What kind of experience does this company have: You are entrusting a moving company with all of your worldly possessions. Would you rather hire a company that has only been in business for a few months, or would you rather work with a company that has been in the moving business for years? Make sure they know what they are doing.
  • Are they registered with the Department of Transportation: The law states that interstate movers must be registered with the Federal government and have a S. DOT number. You should make sure that they are registered before doing business with them.
  • Check the internet for reviews: Look at reviews on sites like Yelp. Look at the reputation of the company. See how issues were resolved. It is easy to get a good review when nothing went wrong, but when they handle a problem appropriately and the customer is still happy, you know they are a company with integrity.
  • How is damage handled: The law requires insurance to cover only $0.60 per pound. Your company may offer more coverage than that. Some will cover the replacement cost or the depreciated value of your things. You will want to know which it is.
  • What services does the company offer: Do they offer packing and unpacking? How much extra will it cost. Make sure you know what services you want to take advantage of and check on the cost.
  • Easy to contact: Your moving company should be easy to get ahold of in case of a problem. You could consider using a local company to guarantee you will be able to get in touch with them.

A-1 Auto Transport can help you move your household goods nationwide. Call 888-241-3110 to get a free, no obligation to buy price quote on interstate moving services.

Best Customer Rated Local Area Moving Services

  • Office moving
  • State to state, coast to coast, local and long distance moving
  • Heavy and specialized furniture moving. Piano moving, pool table moving, etc.
  • Commercial, apartment, or residential house moving
  • Military relocations
  • Door to door moving
  • Full service packing and unpacking, including packing materials
  • cheap movers California
  • Auto transport services (Vehicle Relocations)

How Much Will It Cost To Hire My California Long Distance Movers?

California Long Distance Movers Rates

The cost of using a moving company can vary quite a bit based on a number of different factors. The amount of possessions you are moving, how much large furniture there is, what additional services you are taking advantage of, the cost of fuel, and the base price of the company you have chosen all affect the total amount it will cost you to hire a moving service. You should call around to get an accurate quote. Most companies will provide a free estimate.

Before you sign a contract or agreement with any moving company business

  • Ensure that any services you are using and their associated costs are included in the contract.
  • Double check on the addresses listed. The last thing you want is for your belongings to end up at the wrong house due to a typo.
  • Find out what the policy is on damages and lost items. Will the company cover replacement costs or only the minimum $0.60 per pound they are required to cover.

Your responsibilities for moving services

  • Keep jewelry and valuables with you. This ensures that there are no trust issues.
  • Insure the company has insurance on your belongings. You may also be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Find out before moving day
  • Request a copy of the mover’s inventory list for your records.

International Moving Services in California

If you’re trying to get the best possible deal for your international move, then here’re a few things that will help.

First of all, you don’t have to leave everything to the movers. You can take care of some parts on your own, such as packing your things and even leading them in the truck. You can get cheap packing materials and boxes from your local stores instead of relying on the ones provided by the company.

You can negotiate the price, check their offers, since they may have cheaper alternatives, and even use discounts when they’re applicable. Overall, you should know what you’re paying for and what you can afford.

California Local Movers Services

Tips on How to Find Affordable Moving Company For Your California Moving Services

If you’re planning a move to or from California, it can be difficult to find an affordable moving company that provides reliable and professional services. Here are 6 tips on how to make your search easier:

  • Research the Professional Moving Service. Check out reviews of different California moving companies in your area, read up on their customer service policies and make sure they are licensed and insured. Make sure to ask them what their experience is with long distance, local moving services, or any other special services you may need.
  • Compare Long Distance Moves. Contact several different professional moving companies for quotes on long distance moves and compare the cost of each one. Be sure to ask about any additional fees or costs that might be associated with the move.
  • Check out A-1 Auto Transport. When it comes to long-distance moves, A-1 Auto Transport is a well-known moving company that can provide you with reliable and affordable services. Additionally, they offer discounts for military personnel and corporate relocations as well as discounts for packaging supplies.
  • Schedule an On-Site Estimate. Most professional moving companies will offer an in-person estimate of the cost of your move, so make sure to schedule one with any company you’re considering hiring. It’s important to get a precise estimate or flat rate pricing as this helps prevent any unexpected costs or fees from being added to your bill.
  • Choose the Right Moving Date. If possible, try to schedule your move on a weekday or weekend that isn’t considered high-traffic for local movers; this will reduce cost and help you avoid any delays. Additionally, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to properly pack, label and inventory all of your belongings before the day of the move.
  • Contact Local Moving Companies. Make sure to contact several local moving companies for quotes on short-distance moves within California. Additionally, ask if any companies offer discounts for seniors or students in need of supplemental moving services.

By doing your research and comparing the prices of different professional moving services, you can find an affordable and reliable mover that fits your needs.

Guide on How to Prepare Your Home For Moving Services in California

California Local Movers Cost

Are you getting ready for a big move in California? Congratulations! Moving can be an exciting time of change, but it does require some preparation and organization. This guide is here to help you ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible by providing tips on how to prepare your home for the moving services in California. Start by:

  • Begin decluttering and downsizing your belongings. Downsizing can help make the move easier, as you’ll have fewer items to pack, transport, and unpack at your new home. Start by sorting through your possessions and deciding which ones are essential for the move and which can be donated or sold before the big day.
  • Start packing smaller items and non-essentials first. You can start a few weeks before the move by packing things like books, clothes, knick-knacks, decorations and other small items that you don’t necessarily need right away.
  • Gather necessary moving supplies. Make sure that you have all the supplies you need to make your move successful. This includes boxes, tape, bubble wrap, packing paper and other materials that can help keep your belongings safe during the relocation process.
  • Label everything clearly. Use colored labels on each box or piece of furniture to ensure that they’re easy to identify when they arrive at your new home.
  • Take photos of larger items before they’re moved. Taking pictures can provide you with a visual reference in case any pieces get damaged during the move, which will make it easier to file an insurance claim with the moving company if necessary.
  • Clean and organize your home before the movers arrive. Make sure you leave your home clean and organized so that it is easier to move around and unpack in your new place.

Following these tips can help make your move a breeze! With careful preparation, you’ll be all set to take on the big day with ease

California Local Movers Prices

California Cross Country Movers for Hire

California Prodigy Moving & Storage

601 S. Figueroa St. #4050
Los Angeles, CA 90017
1(866) 991-6683

California Moving Systems

3801 Happy Ln.
Sacramento, CA 95827
(916) 362-1515

California Moving Services

Los Angeles, CA
(818) 822-5777

California Local Movers Rates

California Storage Facility Directory

American Self Storage

606 Parker Rd.
Fairfield, CA 94533
(707) 437-5400

California Local Movers Near Me

Frequently Asked Questions

Popular Shipping Routes

No matter the destination, we're ready for your next move.
Here's our most popular routes from California (CA), USA

California to New York
Sacramento to New York
Los Angeles to New York
Bakersfield to New York
Stockton to New York
Long Beach to New York
Chula Vista to New York
Irvine to New York
Santa Ana to New York
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California to Chicago
Sacramento to Chicago
Los Angeles to Chicago
Bakersfield to Chicago
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Chula Vista to Chicago
Irvine to Chicago
Santa Ana to Chicago
Anaheim to Chicago
San Jose to Chicago
Oakland to Chicago
Riverside to Chicago
San Diego to Chicago
Fresno to Chicago
San Francisco to Chicago
California to Houston
Sacramento to Houston
Los Angeles to Houston
Bakersfield to Houston
Stockton to Houston
Long Beach to Houston
Chula Vista to Houston
Irvine to Houston
Santa Ana to Houston
Anaheim to Houston
San Jose to Houston
Oakland to Houston
Riverside to Houston
San Diego to Houston
Fresno to Houston
San Francisco to Houston
California to Phoenix
Sacramento to Phoenix
Los Angeles to Phoenix
Bakersfield to Phoenix
Stockton to Phoenix
Long Beach to Phoenix
Chula Vista to Phoenix
Irvine to Phoenix
Santa Ana to Phoenix
Anaheim to Phoenix
San Jose to Phoenix
Oakland to Phoenix
Riverside to Phoenix
San Diego to Phoenix
Fresno to Phoenix
San Francisco to Phoenix
California to Philadelphia
Sacramento to Philadelphia
Los Angeles to Philadelphia
Bakersfield to Philadelphia
Stockton to Philadelphia
Long Beach to Philadelphia
Chula Vista to Philadelphia
Irvine to Philadelphia
Santa Ana to Philadelphia
Anaheim to Philadelphia
San Jose to Philadelphia
Oakland to Philadelphia
Riverside to Philadelphia
San Diego to Philadelphia
Fresno to Philadelphia
San Francisco to Philadelphia
California to Jacksonville
Sacramento to Jacksonville
Los Angeles to Jacksonville
Bakersfield to Jacksonville
Stockton to Jacksonville
Long Beach to Jacksonville
Chula Vista to Jacksonville
Irvine to Jacksonville
Santa Ana to Jacksonville
Anaheim to Jacksonville
San Jose to Jacksonville
Oakland to Jacksonville
Riverside to Jacksonville
San Diego to Jacksonville
Fresno to Jacksonville
San Francisco to Jacksonville
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