“Wide Open Spaces”

Submitted by Shelby Krafka
on 03/10/18

Sometimes loading up the car with groceries and oversized articles then shuttling across
town can seem to me like an arduous journey. So, how did I ever think I could handle a cross-country move on my own? When I moved to school I weighed down my car with unorganized
boxes and drove three hours only to swiftly unpack and begin celebrating my newfound
freedom. This experience along with my numerous cross-country road trips gave me a false
sense of confidence that I could handle the ins and outs of moving long-distance. That’s why,
upon college graduation, I leaped full steam ahead into a move from Austin to Los Angeles with
my dreams leading the way and leaving little time to plan the logistics of the move. I blame my
spontaneity during this period on an understanding of moving idealized through a lifetime of
listening to country music. In retrospect, I’ll admit there might have been an idea that moving
could be as easy as living out the lyrics of the Dixie Chicks’ hit song “Wide Open Spaces”. In this song, the lead singer, Natalie Maines, expresses a youthful eagerness to start living a life of
one’s own without help or permission. The song aptly describes an understanding that this
impulsiveness would be met with the risks and challenges that lie ahead as the roadmap to
adulthood. So, like the young woman in the song I embarked on my journey with a trailer
hitched to my sedan and willingness to strike out if need be.

While driving on interstate 10 as my car was struggling to tow the trailer with all my
earthly possessions, I began reconsidering if my journey to adulthood needed to be this hard.
Making this trek in the first days of August meant I was battling triple-digit heat from sunrise to sunset. The AC was blasting, but I had to remain cautious that my car did not overheat from the toll of towing. While the heat was not pleasant it was not the sole hardship faced by my
driving. While driving at a reduced speed I needed to stay alert to the distance from cars to
ensure proper time for breaking. Also, the sway of the trailer, likely caused by unbalanced
packing, was very distracting and there were numerous instances where I did not have full
control of steering. Thankfully I regained control and this did not result in an accident. I
realized on the road I had underestimated the skill needed to pack and drive the trailer. With
over twenty hours spent driving I thought there must be a better, simpler way to move.

In the final leg of my journey, I made it to the Los Angeles city limits only to find my
trailer location to be closed. I learned the reservation claimed it was a twenty-four-hour drop
off due to a site error, and I was now faced with the test of finding a place to park my car and
trailer. Pop culture prepared me for driving in Los Angeles to be dreadful but finding a parking
spot the length of two cars was nearly impossible. Once I was finally able to begin unpacking I
noticed the few valuables my 21-year-old self-did have were in disarray. I had a treasured
collection of vintage November angel figurines that my mother gave to me every year on my
birthday. I always wondered if she found these all from the same estate sale when I was a
young child or if it was a mission she successfully completed year after year. When I unpacked
my boxes, I saw that the mistakes I made while packing and the lack of care I gave to organizing the trailer had taken their toll on my angels. My now diverse figures included angels missing wings, noses, and limbs. Upon moving to the city of angels this did not seem to be the best sign.

I learned that summer that moving across this vast country is not as easy as picking up
and hitting the road. What makes moving thousands of miles feel easy is doing the hard work
Shelby Krafka A-1 Auto Transport “Wide Open Spaces” ahead of time for the trip ahead. From my experience, I now know that planning is not optional.
In this sense, the Dixie Chicks’ ballad rings true, the mistakes made as young people are
necessary as they inform the decisions we make in the future. I will never again repeat my
strategy, or lack thereof, for moving. In the upcoming months, I will be embarking on another
cross-country move to begin graduate school. There are many unknowns left in this trip, but
one thing I am going to do is plan and get help. Leaving the heavy lifting and the driving to the
professionals will ensure that my move has a plan A and if there are any issues along the way a
plan B too. I will have the assurance of knowing my items and car will make the trip safely. As a
pet owner, I now have the added responsibility to ensure I make good decisions not only for my
personal items but also for my pet. It’s important to me that I make sure I am well informed and work with a reputable company.

Luckily, currently, there are many tools online to find great people to work with during a
long-distance move. The reason A-1 Auto Transport stands out, in my opinion, is because they
do not stop at listing their services and reviews. In addition to providing quotes catered to
one’s specific needs, A-1 Auto Transport provides prospective clients with the tools they need
to make informed decisions. From advice on packing to making sure the utilities are on for
arrival, they help make sure there aren’t any overlook any steps that might cause
inconvenience down the line. The A-1 Auto Transport website is a resource for anyone looking
to make a long-distance move as they help weigh the pros, cons, and considerations for
different moving approaches.

For some, a DIY move sounds like a great idea, and some that
take on the task will be able to carry it out effectively. However, as many people know from
failed DIY crafting projects some tasks are better left to the professionals. All transport
companies can load up a truck, but a great company delivers the contents with care and allows
peace of mind for the customer as they settle into their new home.

Submitted by Shelby Krafka
on 03/10/18

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