Why play by the rules when you can change the game?

Submitted by Dora Brajdić
on 03/09/18

The underdog of Europe came through once more, producing the fastest electric car in the world.
Engineered, designed and signed by the factory of Rimac cars, located just 200 km away from the birthplace of the great Nikola Tesla, came the world sensation in the form of Concept 1. As all great endeavors this one started off as well in a humble way. And as all of the greatest car stories, this one began in a small garage with a young boy, just good enough tools and a passion for racing. The name of the protagonist in question is mister Mate Rimac. And as the legend goes, Rimac’s gas engine caught fireduring the drift street race he has participated in and as the only “obvious“ solution, he decided to connect an electrical motor with the gas engine of his ’84 BMW. The location of this achievement was a garage in the small city of Croatia and the main engineer was a twenty-one-year-old kid. I believe it is safe to say, the Picasso of engineering had painted his first work of art.
At that time Rimac made one of his early bold claims, announcing that he must and he would
manufacture the fastest electrical sports car in the world. Fast forward couple of months, the car was still nowhere to be found except on sketches. The Abu Dhabi royal family somehow found out about the audacious kid from Croatia who was making the most outrageous claims and decided to test his abilities. In order for them to invest in his start-up company, Rimac would have to relocate the, company to Abu Dhabi. This was not an option, considering he was not only passionate about his cars but also about boosting Croatian, tourist-dependent economy. The conditions were not met and the deal fell through. Later that year, on the lookout for investors, Rimac decided to showcase his first ever made electrical car at the car show in Frankfurt, Germany. Needless to say, from that point on Rimac, had no trouble finding investors ever again. With the excitement still swirling around his newly revealed “baby,“ Mate Rimac became the global innovation superstar. From a small fish to a big player in a matter of seconds he became, in just a couple of years, an “overnight“ success.
Aston Martin, Koenigsegg, Renault, Jaguar are some of the biggest car manufacturing companies that have recognized the value of Rimac software and engine system. Neglecting the name dropping, thanks to them it was possible for Rimac to survive and stay profitable in the first couple of years. In an entrepreneur-unfriendly country, Rimac has fought for his vision and managed to grow as an international firm with around 350 employees. On the 24th of January an intriguing post has been published on Instagram. „Unbelievable pressure…This week will be marked in the history textbooks…“
Known for his provocative ways there was no doubt the Picasso of engineering would deliver once more. Scheduled to appear on the 6th of March in the Geneva car show, anticipation grew stronger and stronger with every passing minute. Hypercar Concept 2 (Rimac C_2) made its first appearance.
An amazing specimen of the tin pet with the characteristics truly worthy of history books. The long expected successor of Concept 1 had set new rules of the game in the car world. Regardless of the sensational exterior of the car, the inside is what really matters. By that I mean accelerating up to 60 miles per hour in just 1,85 seconds, reaching 100 kilometers in 1,97 seconds with the horsepower of 1914, the maximum speed of 258 miles per hour, rocking a full drifting mode, level 4 of self-driving
capability, eight cameras, six radars, twelve ultrasonic sensors and all of that for the pocket penny of around two million euros. Concept 2 has officially wiped out the competition, leaving behind Ferrari, Chiron and Tesla. Rimac cars have become a fierce competitor making its footprint in the fast-evolvingera of out of this world technology.
Perhaps non-formula 1 drivers are still not ready for this road beast to be seen out and about. Taking that into consideration, it might be wise for Rimac to stick with the exclusive sales for now. Still, hope remains that in a nearby future a baby version will be manufactured in a serial way. In the end of this paragraph, only one controversial question remains. Is Concept 2 the best electrical sports car in the world? Humble, next-door owner leaves it up to voux populi to decide.
Besides the fact that Concept 2 is a fine specimen in the category of tin pets, the significance of its electrical engine will only grow from this point on. Most countries are already turning towards renewable energy sources and that is the destiny car industry cannot escape from. In a world where ecological awareness is applauded and is used as the scale of progression, turning towards electrical engines and proving them worthy of the real-life neighborhoods and streets is a smart strategic move.
When it comes down to it, this is not a distant future, considering the fact Germany has already set in motion certain measures to reduce the movement of diesel car engines. To further explain this decision, I will reminisce for a bit about the Dieselgate affair. The biggest German car company, Volkswagen, was cheating on exhaust gases discharge tests by using an illegal software. The purpose of this built-in software was to fictitiously reduce the release of the harmful gases into the atmosphere.
As a direct consequence of this affair, the new German laws came to be. Moreover, considering that Germany is the backbone of the European Union we can rest assured that these bylaws will soon be implemented by this higher organization as well, leaving diesel engines to the past. Analysing the Rimac cars company engine solutions from the big picture standpoint I firmly believe that we are witnessing the birth of a car industry giant.

Submitted by Dora Brajdić
on 03/09/18

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