Why You should Declutter Your House before a Move (Advantages)

Why You should Declutter Your House before a Move (Advantages)

If you are planning to move to a new house, packing is definitely going to be one of the biggest tasks. Since you don’t want to just throw stuff in boxes, it’s important to start packing early enough so you have time to organize and sort out stuff according to room and owner. Packing early also gives you time to declutter and get rid of some stuff that you don’t need or use anymore.

Advantages of decluttering before a move

Make packing easier

If you have very many items in every room, it can be hard to find space for them when packing. It’s also very tiring to try to fit everything in the house into one truck or a particular number of boxes.



Decluttering makes the entire moving process that much easier and saves time that would be lost maneuvering around non-essential stuff.

A fresh start

Most people have a tendency to hold onto stuff for sentimental reasons. Maybe you have clothes from your deceased parents, mementos from your childhood friend and even stuff your kids made when they were babies. While all these stuff means the world to you, it is healthy to get rid of them and hold onto the memories only instead of the stuff. Decluttering means that you can have a fresh start in the new house and have room to collect more stuff there.

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Reduce moving cost

Most moving companies will first look around your house and give you an estimate of how much they think you should pay. Depending on the terms of the contract, your actual cost can either stay the same or go up by 10 percent of the estimate. The actual  cost of the move comes down to how much the stuff weighs when packed meaning the more items you have, the higher the cost. More items also require more packing boxes and other supplies.

Have a neat house

Everybody wants a neat house, even hoarders. This is especially important if you are moving to a smaller house than the one you are moving from. It’s very important to get rid of a lot of stuff if you are downsizing so the new house won’t be too full and airless. Too many items make a room feel stuffy and also encourage pests like roaches that enjoy dirt and warmth since it’s hard to clean well. A neat house is not only beautiful to look at but also healthy and comfortable to live in.

Fund the move

After decluttering, you can give the items away to charity, sell or destroy them. If you decide to sell the stuff online or have a garage sale, you may just get enough money to fund the move.

Decluttering a home before a move can be very refreshing and it takes a load off your shoulders. The secret is to have ample time before the moving date to sort your stuff out and also organize how to dispose the stuff.

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