Why People Without a Fixed Moving Date May Need Moving Storage

Why People Without a Fixed Moving Date May Need Moving Storage

It is not always that you move houses with all your possessions. There are times when storage services might come in handy. While experts in the moving industry recommend that you plan your activities, circumstances beyond your control could dictate otherwise. A case in point is where you are ready, but the place you are moving into is not. Another scenario occurs where you are yet to find a new apartment. Regardless of the reasons holding you back, you still require moving storage.

Request your mover company to tell you the options available and to do so preferably using a formal quotation. At a little additional cost, you could ask them to pick the items from your residence and deliver to their storage facility.



While still negotiating, inquire about how you can access your belongings and if they require notice in advance.

You want to declutter

Packing takes time and consumes energy. As you ponder over when to move out, start culling out stuff you will not require in the new space. Having only a few belongings makes it easy for you later. You save time and money too. Once complete, call the mover to collect these items and place them in safe storage. Then, when you finally relocate, you can make up your mind whether to donate, sell or throw away.

To avoid penalties on a lease

An attempt to move out without fulfilling lease obligations could result in penalties on your part. With some two or three months left before expiry of your lease, it would be prudent to postpone the move. The objective is to ascertain that there are no extra costs at a time when you are trying hard to save money during a transition. If this situation catches up with you, consult your moving company and request that they hold your possessions until when you can move out.

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A house sale or purchase not completed

Perhaps you are at an advanced stage of acquiring a new residence but are yet to conclude the transaction on the current one. Engage a property agent to speed up the process on both ends. Closing a deal on the new home determines your moving date. However, the enthusiasm to move could cause you to start packing your things early. If someone buys your house before you acquire another one, they might want to occupy it quickly. You will have no option but to rent moving storage space as you wait.

A job start-date changes

In the new job you are taking up, your boss calls and informs you that the company has put on hold your reporting date. You will need temporary storage while waiting for the matter to clear.

Planning a move without a fixe date can put you off balance. Nonetheless, whether you are decluttering, fulfilling lease obligations, waiting to close a house purchase deal or start a new job, moving storage can save you from possible inconveniences.

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