Why Motorcycles are Awesome

Submitted by Devon Byrne
on 03/10/18

It is a nice Monday morning as you get ready for work; the sun is shining, birds are chirping, wisps of clouds permeate the sky while a soft wind gently blows the leaves in the trees. You would love to spend the day outside biking, enjoying the breeze flow through your hair, but you don’t have enough time to get all the way to work on your bicycle. It would also be a waste to drive in your car, though, so what should you do about it?


You walk out to your garage and find the solution to your problems: a a shiny, black and chrome motorcycle, delivered to your home just yesterday by A-1 Auto Transport Inc. The perfect tool to get from your house to your job in the same amount of time as usual, but with the added benefit of enjoying the beautiful day before you. “That was a good investment”, you think to yourself.


A motorcycle is incredibly useful for getting around. It is quick, gets amazing gas mileage (about twice as many miles per gallon compared to the average car), is incredibly easy to transport, is fun to ride, and, most importantly, you look awesome while riding it, especially if there is a good wind through your hair. Overall, it is a very powerful tool for getting around and improving your self-esteem.


However, motorcycles are also very dangerous. Since they are so much smaller than most cars, they are more difficult to see, especially by bigger vehicles like transport trucks. For example: if someone can’t see you when they look to change lanes, they will swerve to avoid you, cause you to swerve or brake too hard, or even just hit you outright. Most people would find each of those outcomes to be less than ideal.


This brings us to a question: are motorcycles worth the risk? It all depends on the person, how they would use it, why they want it, and how good of drivers they are; for some people, it is an easy yes, for others a solid no, while most are caught somewhere in the middle. While it would be awesome to have a motorcycle and drive that around to work and activities, there is a high risk of not being seen and then getting hit by a car. That risk is often enough to cause people to just go with the car. But how high is that risk in actuality?


According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), 2016 had almost 5000 motorcyclist deaths. That’s a big number, and while it is only 13% of all vehicle deaths for that year, motorcycles have dramatically fewer miles driven compared to cars. It probably sounds worse now, doesn’t it? Well, there are a lot of other factors to look at. First of all, these are only deaths; the chance of dying from a motorcycle accident drops by almost 40% when wearing a helmet. Also, about 27% of all motorcycle deaths in 2016 came from people without a valid driver’s license, so if you’re a registered driver, tick that box irrelevant. Not only that, but 60% of all motorcycle deaths were from multi-car accidents (it shouldn’t be a surprise that they have higher mortality rates). There’s one more bit of information that is quite interesting: the highest percentage of deaths by age comes not from those under 30 years old, but rather from those above 50 years old. It’s rather strange, but that is how it is currently.


So yes, motorcycles are incredibly dangerous to use. However, to some people, that’s part of the thrill. The potential of death is something some enjoy, which may sound weird, but is actually pretty normal. Having a thrilling experience is why most people have motorcycles (aside from killer gas mileage). They’re just awesome that way. Also, it is worth pointing out that every day is a risk of death. Anything could happen at any time, yet life continues on. Sorry, that got a little morbid, but it is the truth. Motorcycles, despite their reputation for being super dangerous, are potentially very good investments. Think about it; next time you’re on the road, make sure there isn’t someone next to you on a motorcycle because they certainly see you and they hope you see them.

Submitted by Devon Byrne
on 03/10/18

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