When Should I Buy Shipping Services to Get a Car to Bolivia?

Auto shipping services make it possible to ship a car to Bolivia without concern of the mileage increasing or harm being done to the vehicle.

If you’re in need of international car shipping services, begin searching for the right transporter a few months ahead of time, especially since you’re shipping the car from the United States. This will allow you and the transport company time to prepare for the shipping process.

Try to book your transport at least two months ahead of schedule. This way, you can gather the right documents and proof for Customs to gain import approval. Call the Embassy of Bolivia for the existing laws and tax rates for auto imports. Take notes as you speak with them. They will inform you of the current import laws and tax rates in place.

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Shipping Options for International Transports.

International transports from the United States often include three shipping options. One of the three options is often too expensive for most. A lot of transporters won’t even offer it. It includes using an airplane for transport rather than a ship.

RO/RO shipping is an open air transport service. The car needs to be emptied out completely and prepped according to the regulations of the shipping company. While this is the least expensive method of overseas transport, it is reliable. However, not all seaports accept this open air shipping method. The transport company will know the best way to get your car into Bolivia using RO/RO shipping.

If you desire more protection for your car or need to ship other belongings along with the car, ask about container transport. You will have a few sizes of containers to choose from. The car will fit securely in this shipping container. You can fill the vehicle and the remaining container space with your possessions. Although this transport method is a little costlier than RO/RO transport, it keeps the car protected from poor weather conditions and lets you ship all your stuff at once to Bolivia. If you do not need all of the container space provided, you can share the space with someone else. This will also save you money on your final bill.


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