What to Do If Your Mover Is Late To Arrive

What to Do If Your Mover Is Late To Arrive

Many people will tell you that you need to hire a moving company to transport your belongings to your new home for convenience purposes. It is just what anybody moving houses would prefer especially considering the stress involved in packing and in the actual move. However, did you know that there are times when your mover may be late to arrive? You need to be prepared on how to deal with such moving challenges. Here is a guide on what to do if your mover is late to arrive.



Avoid panicking

If your mover is late by a few minutes, or hours, you have no reason to panic; if anything, you have all your belongings with you. The best thing to do is to establish the reason why the mover is late. After you have comprehensive information on your mover’s state of affairs, you can make the next decision on the way forward. Perhaps, they have delayed offloading, or they are in a traffic jam; in such a case, you would not rush to look for another moving company.

Communicate with the head office

If your mover does not arrive at the agreed time, contact your moving company’s head office to find out what the problem might be, and try getting a solution. Usually, the head office will have an explanation why the mover is late. However, the best moving company will communicate earlier in case of delay issues, as being late is unacceptable especially where business is involved.

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Get specific information

If your mover arrives late, they will have inconvenienced your schedule especially if you had a tight moving plan. Ensure that you are firm on the information and answers that you will be seeking from the mover. You do not want a case where the company cancels the contract without moving a single item. As such, you need to be specific on the estimated arrival time.

Use that time to finalize your packing

The arrival of your mover at a time later than agreed can come as a blessing in disguise so use the time tie up any loose ends. Perhaps, there were utensils that you used last night and did not get the time to wash them –this is the ideal time.

Rearrange your schedule

At times, the delay can extend to the following day and you must ensure that you confirm with your moving company the exact arrival time. In case of more than 12 hours, it is important to rearrange your schedule and factor in other activities that are urgent. If you cannot wait another day, communicate to your mover and let them know of your intentions to cancel your moving contract.

Getting a reliable moving company can save you last minute rescheduling of your move. In addition, you need to have a clear contract that stipulates the expected time of arrival and any allowance, as well as lays out guidelines on what to do in case the mover is late by a certain number of hours.

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