What To Do If You Can’t Find Your Property Manager To Hand Over Your Keys

What To Do If You Can’t Find Your Property Manager To Hand Over Your Keys

There are so many things that you have to do to make the move to your new home successful and stress-free. One of them is to get a reliable moving company to help you in packing and moving you belongings to the new house. The second thing is to ensure that you have carried all that you need in your new home, and cleared with the property manager of your previous house. It can be challenging if your mover arrives and you cannot find your property manager to hand over your keys. If you find yourself in such a situation here is what to do:



Wait a little bit

Perhaps you had agreed with the manager to meet at a certain time, and it is not yet time. It is prudent to wait until the agreed time of meeting with them. Inform your moving crew that you will be delaying for a while as you wait for the manager to arrive. However, waiting for long can have adverse implications on your side especially where you have a tight schedule.

Contact the manager

If you cannot find your property manager around to hand over the keys, contacting them should be your number one step. Calling them will help you to know what your next step should be as far as the keys to the former house are concerned. For example, you can agree to have the keys left at a specific area, or even move with them and agree on how they can be delivered back to the manager later.

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Leave them with the neighbor

Another preferable option to consider when your property manager is not available to receive the keys is to leave them with a reliable neighbor. There must be that neighbor whom you can trust with any of your property. You should leave a message to the property manager in their phone informing them that you have left the keys with your neighbor –it will help to clarify things later.

Move with them

If your mover arrives and you have no time to wait or to take the keys to the neighbor, the only other option is to move with the keys. Once you get your manager on phone, you can communicate and agree on how to give the keys back.

It is important to prepare well for a move. It can be quite stressful in a case where you cannot find the property manager to hand over the keys and your mover has just arrived. If the manager is not reachable on phone, you are at the discretion to make the decision on what to do with the keys. However, it is always advisable to go for the secure and economic option such as leaving the keys with a trusted neighbor, handing them over to your moving company to get them back, or sending them back as a parcel when you get to your destination.

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