What To Buy For Your New Home After A Big Move

No matter how many lists you make, diagrams you draw out, and ways you prepare, chances are high that you will inevitably forget something (if not a few things). Or, maybe you’re moving from an apartment to a house, and you will have overlooked some of the major differences between theses two types of living spaces. Nonetheless, soon after you start to unpack, you will notice a need to run to the store and stock up on some unexpected essentials.

As you are noticing things that you are missing, be sure to create a list and write everything down so you do not forget anything. It might also help to create an inventory of what you already have if you did not make one up as you were initially packing before the day of the move.

Interior Home Improvement Items

Look at the items on this list as you look around your new home, to see what you may already be missing.

  • Window coverings. These provide both insulation and privacy, two things we often take for granted until we lack them.
  • Floor coverings. These include area rugs, carpets, throw rugs, bath mats, and kitchen mats. These serve to protect any wooden floors you may have, and they also will add a comforting mood to your new home.
  • Furniture. Maybe you decided moving would be a good excuse to toss all of your old furniture and invest in some new, higher quality furniture. Even if you kept most of your old furniture, it might be nice to at least get a new ottoman or end table to commemorate the move.
  • Locks and keys. For obvious safety and security reasons, you’re going to want to change all the locks in your new home. This includes your front door, garage door, and any back or side entrances you may have.

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Exterior Home Improvement Items

Your new house should be equipped with a new set of tools and some appliances.

  • Toolbox. This will always come in handy, even years after you have moved in. You might want to do some minor remodeling now or later on in your time in your new home.
  • Garden hose. Essential only for homeowners who plan to keep at least a small garden in the front or back yard.
  • Weed whacker or killer. Even if you aren’t planning on creating and maintaining a garden, weeds might still prove to be pesky and bothersome.
  • Lawnmower. Once again, even if you’re not planning on cultivating any horticulture, a previously installed lawn will need some maintaining.
  • Rake. This tool is essential if you are moving somewhere with seasons, such as the East Coast.
  • Barbecue grill. This is not necessarily essential, but it will liven up your new home and ensure that you throw excellent warm weather parties.
  • Patio furniture. Once again, not essential, but definitely nice if you are now living in a warm climate.

Be sure to stock up on cleaning supplies as well. Now you’re all set to enjoy life in your new home!


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