What Should Be Kept In Storage Units

If you are looking for a little—or a lot—of extra space, then consider renting a storage unit. These can be used for both short and long term needs. This could be strictly for the time that you are moving in order to lessen the mess and general cluttered feeling, or for a second garage…or any reason in between the two extremes. There really are not many rules about why or what can be kept in storage units, with the exception of deadly and dangerous things like weapons, explosives, drugs, and hazardous chemicals. Here are some more ideas for using storage units during your move.

Standard Storage Unit Sizes

There are essentially five standard storage unit sizes. This is the main factor that might limit or determine what should be kept in a unit. Here are the five sizes, with some general recommendations:

  • The 5 x 10-foot unit:
    This is a rather tiny unit. The size is about the same as your average walk-in closet. This would be a good recommendation for someone without a lot of things to store, or who is just looking to stash some boxes or other small items for a short time. Even still, you might be able to get a chair, small sofa, dresser and/or a mattress in one of these units.
  • The 10 x 10 unit:
    The 100 square foot storage unit gives you a bit more options. This is equal to about the size of a one-car garage, so it could fit the contents of a one-bedroom apartment or even varied storage for several different people together. It can fit things like a bed, sofa, chairs, dressers, bikes, motorcycles and even larger appliances.
  • The 10 x 15-foot unit:
    This 150 square foot unit can typically hold the contents of a two bedroom apartment or maybe even a small house. That includes all of the normal appliances, boxes, and even personal effects. Or, you could store a car or two in such a unit.
  • The 10 x 20:
    This is the next size up and it is a full 200 square feet of space. It will accommodate everything from a small home or townhouse along with the appliances and all personal effects. This is used be people who may perhaps have a bit of wait before their new home is ready to occupy.
  • The 10 x 30:
    This 300 square foot storage unit is the largest size offered under most circumstances. It would even be a great option for small business storage for companies in between offices or who are building new locations. It could even be used for extra warehouse space or for several neighbors looking to combine their stuff together.

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Decide What To Store

It is always helpful to make a list of all your items that will be moved. This inventory sheet or list can give you clues as to what items might be a good fit for a storage unit. Special items, such as antiques, wine collections, and even jewelry may be considered for storage units, provided the facility has adequate security and the units are well maintained.

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