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Submitted by Ethan E. Joyner
on 01/27/18

When seeking an auto transportation service for your car, its best to know what particular service caters to you the best first before doing anything else. A-1 Auto offers five standard car transportation services. These services include open air, enclosed transport, terminal to terminal, door to door, and luxury transportation. Understanding these services will help customers find the “right fit” before they begin scheduling.
Open air transport is one form of auto transportation which involves loading an automobile onto a multi-car-carrier along with other vehicles before being moved. This is one of the most common forms of auto transport. Unfortunately, this form of transport as the name implies can expose automobiles to the elements and to the prying eyes of thieves. Customers concerned with the safety of their automobiles will probably find the next form of auto transport, enclosed transportation more viable.
Enclosed transportation shields vehicles from the elements as opposed to its open-air counterpart. There are two types of enclosed transportation: one, soft-sided enclosed transportation and the other, hard-sided enclosed transportation. Soft-sided enclosed transport carriers are covered in vinyl or canvas which offers protection against wind, rain, and small rocks. Hard-sided enclosed transports are an extra level of protection against outside weather and completely protects automobiles from all but, severe conditions. Not only that but, hard-sided transports completely seal off cars from the prying eyes of strangers, eliminating the chances of a stolen automobile.
Another form of auto transport is terminal to terminal. This form of transportation requires the customer to drop off their automobile and pick it up from another terminal or depot. Fortunately, A-1 Auto has terminals in almost every major city in the United States allowing customers some flexibility when using this form of automobile transportation. If a terminal is not in a nearby location a more viable option for some customer is door to door auto transport.
While door to door transportation is more expensive than terminal to terminal it saves more time. Door to door’s other advantage is that it doesn’t require customers to drop their automobiles off at a terminal or depot. Customers simply tell A-1 Auto where the automobile is and where they want A-1 Auto to drop it off at. However, there can be instances in which transport carriers can’t drive through certain streets or communities. In these instances, the driver will arrange a meetup in a nearby place for the customer to pick up the automobile.
If the customer owns a luxury car, A-1 Auto recommends that they use exotic/luxury transport which offers the best quality transportation for their automobile. Services include air ride suspension for a smoother ride, wall, and floor mounted brackets for secure fits, enclosed transport, hydraulic lift gate, and drip guards to prevent leaks. Upon request, A-1 Auto can even load automobiles into the first position of the trailer to prevent undergoing loading and unloading.
Lastly, there is international car shipping. Unlike conventional forms of car transportation, international shipping usually ships by boat or air freight. A-1 Auto offers RoRo (roll on/roll off) which simply means they drive the car on for delivery and drive it off when it arrives at its destination. Another variation of this service is called lift on/lift offloading. A-1 Auto allows for a variety of vehicles to be transported overseas which include: Classic and luxury cars; motorcycles; sports utility; terrain vehicles; alternative energy/electric vehicles, collections and dealership inventory; recreational vehicles; privately owned vehicles; oversized vehicles; or yachts boats and other watercraft. For members of the army, A-1 Auto offers affordable ways to move privately owned vehicles anywhere.
With these services in mind, the next step is scheduling. A-1 Auto recommends that customers schedule at least a few weeks in advance which will provide plenty of time for both the A-1 Auto and the customer to prepare for the vehicle’s delivery. In the case of international delivery, a challenge can present itself in filing the legal paperwork required for the job. Fortunately, A-1 Auto transport comes prepared. It’s also recommended that customers schedule up to at least a few months in advance for international shipping. One reason for this is to give customers time to adequately understand the price for this service that A-1 Auto provides. The price range is as seen below.
• State and state Auto deliver-shipping a vehicle within the same state is quite affordable but, pricing depends on the distance. For example, El Paso, TX to Houston, TX is about 750 miles and would likely cost between $500 and $700,
• Moving cars from one major city to another increases the likeliness of being able to use a terminal to terminal services which is the most cost-effective service in this case.
• For RV transports costs can vary depending on the size of the RV. Class A RV’s will cost the most with class C being the cheapest. RV’s can even cost as much as $1.00 per mile and above!!
• International shipping can vary based on the tax laws of different countries. Customers can at least expect to pay $2,000-$3,000.
Also, customers should note that a multitude of factors can affect shipping time. Excluding international shipping, conventional forms are regulated by federal laws. These federal laws allow automobile shippers to drive no more than 500 miles a day. They are only allowed to drive 6 days a week and must take a rest period every two weeks. Fortunately, A-1 Auto provides efficient transport routes to maximize time. However, if a customer requires overnight shipping for more than a three hundred to four hundred miles options are still available but, they are quite expensive. Prices can easily go up to $10,000 but, using air freight services, automobiles can be transported across the world within a 24-hour limit.
Naturally, a variety of events can affect shipping time. Events such as technical difficulties and bad weather can cause delays in the shipping process. In the wake of such delays, A-1 Auto transport can arrange a pickup and continue the delivery with a different certified carrier. Fortunately, A-1 Auto transport can attempt to work through these problems and ensure that customers get the best service possible.
While waiting for A-1 Auto recommends that customers clean the inside of their cars, remove any and all possessions, top off fluids in the car except for fuel, have the vehicle examined by professional vehicle technicians, and write down any damage the vehicle has incurred; even scratches and dents. Next is to drop off the car depending on the customer’s choice of service and last but, not least is too simply pickup up your car and the delivery is done.

Submitted by Ethan E. Joyner
on 01/27/18

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