What Happens if Your Vehicle is Denied Entry at a Border?

If you choose a highly reputable auto transport company such as A-1 Auto Transport, you should be fine with exporting or importing your vehicle to another country. At A-1 Auto Transport, we have a wealth of experience in navigating the different customs laws and regulations, in which we always communicate clearly and directly with our customers about what the required documents are.

However, in some instances, especially if you don’t meet certain conditions or don’t have the right documents, your vehicle might be denied at the border.

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The Most Common Reasons for Border Denial.

Whether your car is arriving at a physical border crossing or arriving at a port in a different country, the common reasons why it may be denied are the following:

  • The vehicle not meeting specific environmental / safety regulations.
  • Having incorrect documents at hand, including the vehicle title, bill of sale, and/or bill of lading.
  • Not having the correct visa / not being authorized to import a vehicle.
  • Failure to pay the correct fees upfront.

You should always ask your auto transport company for a checklist of the requirements if they don’t give it to you on their own so that you can avoid these.

So What Happens If It’s Actually Denied Entry? 

If your vehicle is denied entry at the border, don’t immediately panic. You will get it back and most likely have an opportunity to fix the issue so that it can enter the country legally, provided that you end up meeting the requirements.

Usually, if it’s denied entry at a port, your vehicle will be held in a storage area on the docks, which will most likely either be in a warehouse, on a cargo ship, or in a shipping container. It’ll be held there until you take specific action, such as arranging for it to be transported back to its original location or fixing the issues with the customs agents. If your vehicle is denied entry at a land border crossing, it won’t be allowed to go through at all, meaning that the auto transport truck will have to turn around until further action is taken.

You Will Be Informed If It’s Denied. 

In most instances, it’s usually a simple error or oversight on your part or on the part of the auto transport company that has caused it to be denied entry. This can be solved simply by providing the right documents and/or paying the required fees. It’s still an inconvenience, because it will cost you both time and money, especially since some countries charge a penalty fee.

A credible auto transport company will inform you of a denial of entry immediately and explain to you what your options are. If, for some reason, you haven’t received an update on the whereabouts of your vehicle, there is a chance that it’s being held at the port of arrival. It all depends on the country and their specific policies.

At A-1 Auto Transport, we’ll be able to let you know of all the requirements ahead of time and help you through the process. Please contact us today for your free no obligation quote. We’ll be happy to answer any and all of your questions!

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