Ways To Avoid Paying Hidden Moving Fees

There is nothing worse than paying for charges which come as a surprise. Believe it or not, a number of moving companies may try to sneak in some hidden fees, hoping to catch you unawares. However, by doing a little bit of research (and reading these pages), you should be wise to this game. Simply getting yourself educated and doing your moving company research is the first step to avoiding these types of things. Here are some more hidden fees to watch out for.

Packing Materials & Supplies:

When using a full service moving company, this charge is already included in the normal price. On the other hand, you may have decided to handle this aspect on your own. If you weren’t properly prepared, then the moving company may end up doing some (or even most) of the boxing and packing preparation work for you. In such a case they will add this extra charge onto your bill.

The simple way to avoid this ‘hidden’ charge is to prepare properly. Start very early and do a little packing at a time so as to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Gather up your supplies and have a bit extra on hand during moving day, just in case. Believe me, it will be more expensive to have to ask the movers for extra boxes, blankets and other supplies.

Stair & Long Carry Charges Due To Poor Planning:

Most of the time, these ‘hidden’ charges will appear due to a lack of asking the proper questions. If your items will need to go up or down several flights of stairs or have to be carried a long distance to the truck, expect there to be extra charges. Ask the moving company some simple questions to avoid being surprised by such charges:

  • How many flights of stairs before a stair carry charge is levied?
  • What is the minimum distance before a long carry fee may be applied?
  • Does carrying items from my third (or fourth) floor constitute grounds for a stair carry charge?

Extra Gas Surcharges:

Once again, you need to ask about this beforehand so you are not surprised. Obviously, your items are going to be transported so the company will be using gas. However, you can find out if the price of gas is already included or if there will be an extra surcharge. In some case, moves over a certain distance may be assessed an extra gas charge, whereas more localized moves are not.

In either case, knowing what to expect is the most important thing. That way you can plan and prepare for what your actual expenses are most likely to be, rather than having unrealistic expectations.

Careful With That Credit Card:

Believe it or not, your moving company may impose an extra fee for using a credit card. This is another question to ask ahead of time. Then, simply avoid the fee by paying via cash or check. Although it may be an expensive and difficult proposition to use all cash, the important thing is that you know ahead of time what you are facing.

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