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Submitted by Augustine Nnaemeka
on 11/23/17

They say a car chooses its driver at first sight but left for me, there are certain factors which can assure that it never gets to its driver.One of which is the lack of information.
Different cars go for different age groups.Be it the 2008 Toyota Camry known for its efficiency in fuel consumption or the 2015 Dodge challenger for the big boys, the ever-present question which arises is how to get the car safely to your parking space once purchased.
It all starts with the need for that car which defines one’s personality but certain issues can be raised especially if one has eyes on something ‘outside the shores of the country’.Then comes the need for getting the best guys for the job.In Nigeria, quite a number of steps are required for shipping a car into the country.
Firstly, one has to ensure that the car is within the range of acceptance due to the ban on importation of Used Motor Vehicles above fifteen (15) years from the year of manufacture.It is also important to carry out online research on reputable companies which engage in auto transportation, noting their price range for the vehicle of interest.
Secondly, one also has to ensure that the vehicle is ready for transport by making sure that all extraneous materials such as clothing and all personal effects are cleared from the vehicle because failure to do so attracts extra charges or stalling of the transport process.I would also recommend that all loose components of the vehicle such as non-retractable Antenna (if present) be detached and side mirrors should also be closed so as to prevent damage.
The safety of the car is also essential as it is recommended that the net amount of fuel in it does not exceed a quarter of the fuel tank capacity.This should be done in order to reduce both the weight of transport and also the risk of an accident.I will also recommend a proper review of the car and also photographic evidence of its state before handing over to the right company for shipping or transport.
There are quite a large number of transport companies in the world which carry out both local and international transport.As a customer one should make sure that the company is registered in its country of operation and that they offer vehicle insurance during transport, this can be requested for in order to be certain.
I also encourage one to have an idea of how the vehicle will be transported.Is it going to be by sea or air? The latter being quite expensive is mostly employed for vintage cars as the customer may prefer the vehicle to be delivered as soon as possible or may feel the need for extra care in the transport process if you know what I mean.
When transporting the vehicle using a ship, two options are available.One is the choice of the ‘RORO’ shipping while the other is the container shipping.For the ‘RORO’ shipping (roll on/roll off shipping), I will say it is a better choice compared to container shipping due to its efficiency and cost reduction.
In using this mode of transport, all that needs to be done is to move the vehicle into the ship. Of course, you need not worry about its stability during the journey as the vehicle is fastened to the ship.Upon arrival at the port, the vehicle is simply driven out of the ship without incurring the usual charges from the container method of shipping such as the loading and crating.The major setbacks pertaining to this shipping method is that it is yet to be accepted by small and developing countries.This is because standard requirements for such shipping method are yet to be fully implemented in such countries.Secondly, the car may be prone to vandalism when using the RORO method but this can only happen when the car is been transported by companies of low standards and qualification.Hence, it is of great importance that one makes a very good research when it comes to assigning a company that will take charge of the transport process so as to avoid ugly situations.The right choice should also be made when shipping depending on his or her residence.As for shipping into Nigeria, both the RORO and the container methods of shipping are allowed.
Generally, the time range for the ship’s arrival at the port varies for different destinations.In my country, the time range for shipping from the United States, for example, does not exceed three weeks, all things being equal.
Once the vehicle arrives at the port, it has to be cleared in order to certify that the vehicle has arrived at its destination and also in proper condition.Some shipping companies also take care of the clearing process and also the doorstep delivery.
During the clearing process, all salient documents such as the bill of lading, invoice, insurance policy etc, which pertain to the car are examined by the relevant port authorities in the country.Once the vehicle has been cleared, the doorstep delivery process begins.You may choose to pick up your vehicle at the port or have it delivered to you by the transport company.Should the latter be the case, the transport company will assign a suitable truck for the transport of the vehicle.The driver’s assigned to such trucks are highly experienced inefficient and timely delivery as they are able to get to the customer in record time using the shortest and safest routes possible so you can rest assured that the vehicle will be delivered in one piece but one should bear in mind that this service may attract extra cost.
Finally,I will say that no one should be in the air or at crossroads when it comes to the transport of not only a dream car but also goods in general simply because the world is fast evolving and has moved past the age of encountering hindrances when making transport of goods and properties both locally and internationally as the case may be.And if questions should still arise when it comes to the transport of cars, one can always look up the Internet for reputable companies such as the A+ autos which engage regularly in the transport and delivery of vehicles.
And now, when that car arrives and all series of events encountered in bringing it to you is solved, I will suggest you clean it up, take it for a spin and never forget that the car chooses you specifically! bye for now.

Submitted by Augustine Nnaemeka
on 11/23/17

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