Using The Internet To Explore Your New City After Moving

The great thing about technology is that you can do a lot of research today without ever having to leave your house. In the case of a move, this also makes it easy to find cool new things to do, see, and discover where everything is that you will need. While you are doing all of the planning for your move, don’t forget to also use the internet to explore your new city. Here are some tips.

Consider Review Websites

This might depend upon your specific location, but most metro areas are likely covered by at least one, if not several, review sites. These can help you find everything from a nice place to eat to local businesses and more:

  • Yelp: This interesting site allows people to actually leave their own comments regarding a restaurant or business. It even ends up having a feeling that is a cross between social networking site and forum. There can be a lot of good information here.
  • Zagat’s: This is another website that provides reviews. They cover a number of different businesses including restaurants, hotels, nightlife, movies, golf courses, even shopping, and zoos.
  • Angie’s List: This is a paid site which claims to have unbiased reviews of local businesses. It is a big network, with more than one million subscribers and many people swear by this service.

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Using Google Earth & Maps

If you know the address of a business or location, Google Earth and Google Maps can help you find it. In some cases, you can even have an actual street level view of the location or address in question, which can be helpful if you don’t know your way around town yet.

Social Media

More and more businesses these days are seeing the need to be connected with customers via social media. It is very easy to search on sites like Facebook and Twitter to find and friend people in your new town.

It is also very possible that the town (or city) itself will have a presence on one or both of these sites. By following them, you will find out information on events and also be able to interact with others who have ‘liked’ or visited that page, yielding, even more, contacts in your new location.

Search Engines

Believe it or not, Google is still your friend. No matter what you want to find, chances are pretty good a quick search will help you find it. The best way to approach this is by adding either the name of your town or city or your zip code to a key phrase like gym or ice cream. If it is a more important service, feel free to research the company at sites like the Better Business Bureau online.

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