Using Artificial Intelligence in Automatic Automovil

Submitted by Aasim Mohammad Islam
on 03/02/18

As I believe strongly that automobile engineering related to artificial intelligence(AI) technologies are expected to be future automobile industry revolution which will focus on the world. The main reason behind this is automatically controlling of complex systems inside automobile which are already done manually. Today, most complex problems solved with IT solutions that giving efficiency and reducing complexity where meets artificial intelligence technologies such as autonomous driving, vehicle to vehicle, intelligent insurance risk assessment…etc. So, my idea in master study thesis proposal is: developing a smart system for cars to automatic maintenance diagnosis and guide the user to fix it and avoid misuse such as; not changed engine oil as long time, not replaced consuming parts as long time and so on via using artificial intelligence techniques. I hope this system to be the future cars industry trend, using automatics communication in an emergency case with customers and cars workshops and dealers using smart technology by advising users and technicians and reducing misuse damages.  I propose this system to be attached to the main dashboard, showing to users: notification, Warning, information and allow user direct interaction using graphical user interfaces. Finally, my study of improving automobile industry using artificial intelligence to reduce maintenance risk and enhance safety and help in an emergency.

The long-term goal of the research is to develop a smart system using artificial intelligence techniques for automobile maintenance and avoid misuse. The study topic is defined as the process of identifying, modeling, classifying, and resolving of artificial intelligence techniques which are used in automobile maintenance. The objective of the current study is to provide a comprehensive review of the literature with past researchers in relation to an analysis of artificial intelligence techniques and outline a conceptual platform for artificial intelligence techniques in automobile maintenance and avoid misuse. Particularly, the study will cover of artificial intelligence techniques in following:

expert system, knowledge-based systems, machine learning, neural network, decision tree, heuristic algorithms, fuzzy logic, data mining, data analytics, robotics, computer vision and natural language processing.

The result of this study will be modern automobile industry revolution as well as related software developer to implementing best experiments and tools for automobile maintenance and avoid misuse.

The main topic of my study is artificial intelligence (AI), is the branch of computer science that allow the machine to perform intelligent action or behavior, which behave as humans for example autonomous driving, traction control system, traffic cameras system…etc.  The concept of the topic is computer control actions based on reading information from sensors then applying programming condition (coding). Today, artificial intelligence consists of two main branches: First, for cognitive science has a strong relation to psychology, its used for testing theories that describe human intelligence. Second, for machine intelligence as part of computer science studies to make computers behave intelligently which is highlighting in my study. In general, this study mention importance of adopting artificial intelligence techniques to automatic automobile diagnosis based electronic maintenance adviser and avoid misuse. So, the proposed system needs to integrate with automobile modules and systems as well need to know operating concept.

The study topic will focus on artificial intelligence techniques which are using for automobile diagnosis and maintenance. The principal research method for this study is literature review that has received relatively little attention with past researchers in artificial intelligence techniques which are used for automobile diagnosis and maintenance, past research method issues that typically contained in the literature can help for new researchers and extend the viewpoint of many AI researchers. As well I will focus in research method: the analysis of artificial intelligence techniques that covered with different applications in the same topic, which are implemented via automobiles industry pioneers, such as Benz, BMW, Volvo, Ford, Toyota and so on. Today, it’s imperative to analyze repository of AI techniques from past experiments as well as utilize in new subjects and expansion rather than starting from A to Z.  Also, awareness of past experiments issues can support strategy for future research highlight from past successes and failures.  So, I am going to conduct some surveys related AI techniques, for example, what machine learning techniques are implemented by many developers and what are advantages and drawbacks. Finally, I am going to conduct the majority of research methodology such as interviews, questionnaires, observations… until reach to targeted hypotheses and conclusive results.

In general, the study topic highlight in artificial intelligence which is a branch of computer science that contribute in different sciences such as engineering, medicine, healthcare, education, social, natural, finance and so on. Today, most top global universities provide academic researchers and applications in artificial intelligence techniques such as MIT and Stanford in the USA, Amsterdam in Netherland, Istanbul Technical University in turkey, TU Dresden in Germany, Linköping in Sweden, McGill in Canada…etc. The study topic can help artificial intelligence researchers as well as their universities and funders to understand theories that consider a legal and ethical issue in future for AI applications and researchers.  Also, the study topic will be a fundamental platform of different branches of engineering such as automobiles, mechanics, electrics, computing, electronics which are developing hypotheses to discover new patterns that create analytical and extremely systematic experimental work, as well as AI technique assist to develop new algorithms in academic researchers. Finally, artificial intelligence techniques had made big academic sense, because developed to help both authors and publishers to solve issues related to peer review, identifying data fabrication and fighting plagiarism, so artificial intelligence enhance of academic publishing.

Submitted by Aasim Mohammad Islam
on 03/02/18

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