Upgrading Your Suspension

If you’re a car enthusiast, such as one that is drawn more to muscle cars and sporty cars, one area that you could potentially be ignoring is your vehicle’s suspension. Each person may have different needs and reasons for upgrading their suspension, ranging from someone who frequently fills up the back of their pickup truck with heavy loads to someone who wants better handling. Understanding the different types of suspension upgrade options that you have and who they would benefit the most will help you make the best-educated decision on the matter:

Lowering Springs

Lowering Springs, which are also referred to as Drop Springs, are designed in order to change the height of your vehicle. By changing the height of your vehicle, these are suspensions that are designed for aesthetic purposes first and foremost, rather than vehicle performance or comfort. They actually lower the height of the vehicle, hence the name of these springs. If you care to show off your ride at a show, lowering springs are what you’re probably interested in. They are one of, if not the, cheapest suspension options.

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Sport Springs

Sport Springs are similar to Lowering Springs, with the difference being that they don’t lower the vehicle as much and are more focused on performance improvements instead of appearance. They help to improve the handling of the vehicle and how it rides.

*If you chose Lowering or Sport Springs, be sure to also equip your car with a Lowering Shock to make sure that there isn’t any bumpiness during the ride.


A Coilover is able to lower the height of the vehicle much more than a Lowering or Short Spring. They also provide excellent handling. There are two main types of Coilovers, which are:

  • Full Coilovers
  • Slip-on Coilovers

The difference between them is that Slip-on Coilovers are coil springs that can be adjusted, and Full Coilovers come with a factory-made shock.

In general, Coilovers act as a shock absorber and offer the perfect blend of lowering the height of your vehicle and having great handling. Be sure to only choose a Coilover from a credible company!

Air Suspension

Air Suspension, which is also referred to as Air Bag Suspension, utilizes either a compressor or an air pump to raise the vehicle’s chassis through inflating it from its axle. It allows your vehicle to get either extremely low or very high. It also results in a very smooth ride, as if you are floating on air in a sense because, actually, you are.

Originally, it was mainly used in buses and trucks but is now being placed in regular automobiles as well. It allows for a great deal of flexibility in adjusting the height of your car. When you park it, in particular, it can go extremely low to where the frame is almost touching the ground.

If you want to upgrade your suspension, make sure to pick one that suits your needs the best. You have to decide whether you want a suspension that is designed strictly for aesthetic purposes, for handling, for necessity, or for a combination of everything.

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