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on 02/26/18

Automobile exists since a century but it democratization has been effected between the two wars in the United States and after the second worldwide war in Europe.Nevertheless, after fifty years it occupies an important place in the world.To challenge automobile today is to have doubts about a basic element of our environment.

Of Latin “transport are”, the word transport means to transport or make cross. English makes the difference between ” transport” and “transportation”, the first word being used for transport of passengers, while the second is for the carriage of goods. Thus, means of transport are an object which makes it possible to move people or goods from a place to another.

The men move permanently, to leave their residence instead of work, to profit from service, to satisfy some needs, to benefit from leisure, to travel for reasons of studies or to go on holiday. And with this intention, they use the means of transport available. These means of transport support displacement on the ground, underground, on water and in the airs.

Each one according to its financial capacities has the means of transport which enable him to satisfy their need. Indeed, there is a variety of individual or collective means of transport of people or goods. At any time, the man sought to improve them to facilitate displacements to go further or more quickly or to move significant loads.We can thus retain four principal means of

transport to knowing:

-terrestrial means of transport whose are the motorbike, cars, bus, trucks; -the railway means of transport: the train, the subway, the tramway…; -means of air transport like an airplane…;

-maritime transport means the boat.

The men use the surface transport to reach more quickly to easy places of access. This auto transport is an economic factor of development of a country and between the bordering countries because it supports inter-states trade. Thanks to surface transport, the spoiled roads are maintained to facilitate the movement of the goods and person.

The rail-bound transport comes to reinforce displacement of the men and goods to remote places.It is carried out on railways.It allows the transport of significant loads and is often faster than the surface transport. The residents of railway must be often careful with the passage of train to avoid accidents because its brake isn’t often automatic.

With regard to the maritime transport, it makes it possible to transport tonnages and loads(heavy equipment, cars…) that the means of terrestrial, railway and air transport cannot support. It plays a role in international trade and also easy trade between the countries.But the maritime transport knows a slowness in the routing of goods.

With the limit, the transport rails bound and maritime make it possible for the men to travel water to reach the place which is another bank.

As for air transport, it is faster and makes it possible for the men to move in the surface.It is the means of transport more used by those which have financial means to leave a leave for another distance. The purchase and maintenance of these means of transport cost relatively expensive.The men devote a significant budget to it.

In addition, what happens to the bike???

The bicycle is individual means of transport used for displacement of

people or sometimes for carriage of goods. Although this means of

transport is used less in cities than the campaigns, it has advantages

which are:

-the maintenance of body in good health because outward with bike involves the exercise of a physical activity;

-the reduction of sound and atmospheric pollution ;

-a fall of the expenditure related to the purchase of gasoline which

it doesn’t use.

Let’us retain that this mode is less expensive and economic.

In the company, it is strong to note that these transports are index making it possible to determine the way of life of certain men. The means of transport which a person as we can already imagine the social class to which this last belongs.Thus, when we see a man with a luxury car, we could conclude that it is a rich person. In our cities, they are the middle-class men who have luxury cars and those which do not have, are classified in the proletarian class. The proletarians do not have that car of less value to even see does not have any. Then to have a good reputation and respect in a company, it is just necessary to have a luxury means of transport since by seeing a person with this type of vehicle this last is regarded as a rich person.It is to say that this means would give to the owner a kind of regard.

Like any human work, transports, in general, are not without disadvantages. They impact so much on the environment than on the life of the men. On the environment, we can quote the air pollution by exhaust fumes, the degradation of the grounds, the water pollution by the large boats, the destruction of the layer of ozone, etc.

On men we have: pulmonary disease, tiredness, stress, the reduction of the life expectancy.Let us note that it is likely to lead to the contempt the respect of the highway code. Each day we country enormous traffic accidents where sometimes individuals die. A crash of plane can cause losses in human life or assessment of the seriously wounded people.

Have regard to all the proceeds, it would be preferable to choose a

means of joint transport and/or less pollutant. To this end, the

trams, the bicycle, are the suitable means. That will

reduce the consequences noted in the use of the known means of

transport mentioned.

In short, transports play a very significant role in the human life.There are with the useful daily for the majority of men in their displacement. But the use of the various means of transport challenges each one of us to become aware of the consequences which rise there as well on the environmental level medical.It asks a personal effort and change from each other.

on 02/26/18

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