Toyota 4Runner

Submitted by Terry Sparks
on 02/12/18


With a forerunner In 2008, a small number of Japanese factory workers got together and built a Toyota 4runner.  I was born in 1999, Ironic that 16 years after leaving the womb of my mother who carried me around for 9 months I would find myself behind the wheel of that same Toyota 4runner.  Transportation is the freedom that every teenager craves.  Freedom to go “where I want,” to do “what I want” to leave for the party when I am ready.  To leave a situation that may not be the best place for me.

The first 9 months of my life my mother carried me.  She protected me and served my every need.  When those factory workers built that 4runner they were not interested in my well being, freedom, or even me as a person.  Yet they took care to build a solid, safe, reliable vehicle that has served me well for 2 years now and I believe will serve me well for another 4 years of college.

It is interesting to think of the paths that I took and the 4runner took to meet that fateful day in October when my parents bought me a nearly 10-year-old car and I jumped for joy.

How many did Auto Transports that Toyota travels on?  How many trains, ships, and flatbed carries did that car ride on?  Who else drove that car before I got behind the wheel before me?

I like to imagine that Toyota making the sea voyage with hundreds of other Toyota’s much like the movie cars each one with a different personality and when they hit the port in Los Angeles they all took separate paths.  Loaded up on trailers traveling across the country seeing the sights jealousy watching the other cars pass them already out on the highway.  Knowing their time was coming.

I think of the way it must have felt when back on a dealership getting traded in for a newer, shinier, car with fewer miles.  How it must have felt when it drove back up on the car hauler wondering where it was going.  Imagine how it felt as it rolled down the highway once again watching the cars passing it again.  This time thinking to itself, I could haul that family better, I have more room for them in the backseat, those kids would not be crowded.  My luggage rack would hold all that plus some more.

How many times did my truck get on and off a car hauler before it showed up in Lubbock Texas?  I know this, I love my car, and I love the story of how it got to be my car.  I know it might have one more trip on a car hauler, I hope it does.  I know it probably has one more rail car ride.  I see those cars smashed up and compacted getting hauled off to the steel mills.  Making that last ride.  I wonder what my Toyota gets turned into, I hope some of it at least makes it back to an auto factory.  Maybe this next time it will get to be a sports car and blow by those car haulers with all the other cars looking down full of jealousy at the brand new sports car heart racing down the highway.

Submitted by Terry Sparks
on 02/12/18

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