Top 5 Reasons Why People Put Their Furniture In Storage After Moving

Top 5 Reasons Why People Put Their Furniture In Storage After Moving

With your children almost completing college, you may wish to keep safe the furniture they no longer use and hand over to them later. Moreover, soon after moving, unutilized furniture may clutter your new house. Instead of taking the items to the garage or basement, they are much better off in a storage facility. After moving to a new neighborhood, you need the space and time to put everything in its place and settle down. As you do so, the furniture you hold dear remains safe and in tiptop condition.



Below are five reasons why people take furniture to storage as soon as they move to a new home.

  • Space constraints: People usually develop an attachment to their belongings. Do not be surprised to find that you have a rocking chair, couch or bookshelf that is old yet you cannot fathom the thought of its disposal. Sometimes the only problem is that after relocating elsewhere, you end up with a house that is already full and cannot take more items. With the furniture still in mint condition, setting it aside for storage is worth the monthly rental cost.
  • A baby coming soon: Part of the reason you moved was to live in a house with an additional room to accommodate a new baby. In preparation, you must get the room ready. Soon you will bring in a cot and other furniture needed for infant care. You need not advertise or put the excess furniture on a yard sale since you require it in future. For now, take the items into a storage unit for later retrieval.

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  • Downsizing owing to relationship problems: At times you can work very hard to sustain your relationship, but it hits rock bottom without the hope of salvage. When it reaches a point where you divorce your spouse, you no longer need the space that the furniture you both owned occupied. The court might also order that you cede some of your possessions. Either way, you must part ways and find a smaller house. Storage units come to your aid where you can keep some of the furniture until you get back on your feet.
  • Retirement: After retiring from your full-time job, the need to move to a smaller house becomes apparent. With the children already happily married and in their homes, downscaling is now an option. Despite the excess furniture in your possession, you are sentimentally attached and cannot just give away or sell.
  • Security reasons: While you can squeeze in extra furniture in the garage, it might not be safe when you are away from home for several weeks. Storage service providers have facilities that they monitor round the clock. You can rest assured of the safety of your items.

After moving, numerous issues arise that force you to find alternative storage for furniture. The lack of space, a baby on the way or divorce may leave you constrained. Retirement and the need for a secure stowing are other reasons behind finding another place to keep extra possessions.

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