Tips On How To Pack Quickly

Tips On How To Pack Quickly

Moving can be very interesting especially when you are going to your newly bought house. However, no matter the excitement, packing can be disappointingly slow especially when you don’t know how to go about it. It gets that much more complicated if you have to move quickly either as an emergency or because of strict timelines with the new employer. There are however, ways in which you can tackle your packing in a faster manner.

Below are some ideas:

Get the essentials first

It is disheartening when you reach your destination and realize that in that cold weather, you left your hoodie. You don’t want to leave the personal effects that will render you confused without. Set them aside in a visible carton and label.



In fact, you could have them kept in a place where you will need to go through as you pack other items. Set the alarm to remind you that you have to carry the essentials. That will leave no option of forgetfulness that comes with haste.

Clean as you pack

You don’t have the all the time to de-clutter then start cleaning; do this simultaneously. Get two big boxes; in one put what you are going with and in the other put whatever you intend to discard. Do not leave anything lying around; ensure it is in either of the two boxes. That way you will not only have packed but also cleaned each room.

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Assign responsibilities

What will take a team a few hours to accomplish could take you several days to achieve. It is therefore a good idea to choose a team to assist you so that you can finish your packing quickly and start moving. Have friends and family members lend you a hand.

Get a professional moving company early enough

A professional mover has experience in packing and knows what is needed to have this done properly.  At a small fee, you get to share the responsibility with someone who knows what they are are doing and to transfer the risk to a professional.

Follow a packing checklist

A checklist will ensure that you don’t leave anything behind. Here you mark the items as you put them in the boxes. This is one of the best ways to do your packing quickly; you do not have to take time thinking about what to pack where – the list guides you.

Prepare packing materials

Those boxes, the containers, labels, makers, among others – source for them in advance. When you have the packing supplies at hand, it means you can start the packing process anytime you need to. Also, since you already have everything you need, you will not waste time going back and forth.

You could leave essential things because of time constraints. Where possible get the services of a professional packer, who has the requisite experience. That will cushion you from unnecessary breakages due to haste. No matter how fast they need you there, you also need to deliver your luggage safely.

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