Tips For Keeping Your New Home Safe

No doubt you have already done a great deal of research in your new area and the location of your new home. This is going to be the place where you and the family go for warmth and security. It is your haven. Having said all of that, it is only as safe as you make it. There are a number of ways to help make your new home safe after a move. Here are some tips that can come in handy.

Exterior Lighting

Police and safety experts say that one of the things most burglars look for is a home with lots of darkness so that no one can see them doing their business. Having good exterior lighting can avoid this. Including landscape lighting along the walkways and near the stairs will also help to prevent falls, and makes it easier to see when coming home late at night.

Also be sure to add lights all around the home. This includes the sides and the rear. Illuminate all possible entrances, including windows and crawl spaces. They can even be included on a timer or added to motion sensor devices.

Alarm Systems

There is a wide range of alarm systems available on the market today, so be sure to check around and find one that you like and fits your budget. This option allows you to have 24-hour protection, even when you are traveling or otherwise away from home.

Another option is to simply place a decal of an alarm company on your window. Statistics show this has been an effective deterrent to most burglars not interested in taking the chance.

Check Locks & Bolts

Securing your doors and windows is probably the most important and easiest thing you can do to secure your new home after moving in. Make sure all the main entrances have a solid, high-quality deadbolt lock with a hardened steel insert and a minimum throw of one inch. They should also have a five pin tumbler. Sliding doors should also have something that prevents the door from being pried open or lifted off the track. Also:

  • Change the locks—you never know who else has the key
  • Ensure that windows are secure as well, with effective locks of their own
  • Do not neglect upper-story windows and possible entrances

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Check For Hazards

Be sure to also check the new home for any potential hazards or dangerous conditions that might have been overlooked. This includes staircases that might have shaky banisters or loose stairs and floors with protruding nails and/or loose boards. Make sure all walking surfaces in the home are level, that there are no stray wires or any other clutter that might present a problem. Be sure to make any needed repairs that your inspection indicates should be done.

Keeping your new home safe after a move is really up to you and all about having a little common sense.

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