The Woes of Moving and What to Do About Them

Submitted by Hannah Jacobs
on 03/08/18

It does not take too long for anyone who has gone through moving to say that it is an arduous process.  The stress of making sure everything is packed on-time for movers (if they are used), cleaned up and able to make it to the new destination in one piece.  Do not even think about trying to find anything in the interim.  The confusion and stress are ten-fold if the move is international!  That is where A-1 Auto Transport would like to help.

A-1 Auto Transport has made the process of arranging a move much easier, especially when the move is international.  When there is so much to be taken care of, it is nice to have a bit of a checklist to stay on track.  A-1 Auto Transport not only handles the transport of many different types of vehicles, but they try to make the transition as smooth as possible.  They remind international movers to plan ahead and start early.  Better to have a passport and not need it (move gets canceled) than to need a passport and not have it.  It takes an average of 4-6 weeks to obtain a passport and it could sometimes take longer.  Work visas should be secured as soon as possible as well.

What A-1 Auto Transport specializes in is auto shipping.  We are going to focus on the international style.  Three ways to transport a vehicle overseas are the rolled on/rolled off ship, container ship and by aircraft.  Aircraft tend to run customers the most money so it typically is the least popular method for overseas transportation but it does ensure the most security.  Rolled on/rolled off ships tend to be most popular for the masses but it leaves cars open to the elements during the sea voyage.  It is recommended that owners of luxury cars and other high-end vehicles (basically anything someone would not want anything bad to happen to) invest in the container shipment.  This runs a little more than the rolled on/rolled off method but will protect one’s dear motor possessions.

If someone’s international relocation is not due to work, then applying for residency may be complicated.  How important is it to become a permanent citizen of this new country?  Some countries will not allow permanent residents at all, while others require investment or purchases (of land, for example) to secure one’s residency in the country.  It is important to look into the desired country and consider whether that country fits one’s needs and desires.  For ones who do not want to live in another country for more than a couple years, Japan and Switzerland may not be good options as they require a 10-year stay before residency may be obtained.

Moving internationally is smarter when there is not a whole house being transferred.  Countries may not wish to have foreign plants brought over their borders.  Cleaning out one’s inventory of anything unwanted is always a smart decision before a move.  Big, heavy items cost a hefty price to transport.  A1 Auto Transport offers a general list of unwanted items that most, if not all countries, will protest being brought into the country including fresh foods on their website.  Items which may not be desired in an international move can be left at the original house (if the owner is returning to said home), left at a trusted friend’s house or a left in a storage unit.  Storage units are a convenient option for most, especially those that will not be staying abroad for long.  Although storage units will cost a fee, typically monthly, it sounds better than forking out thousands of dollars up front to transport the same items.  Needless to say, moving involves lots of decisions.

Once a person is on their way and onto their new life overseas, there are still many concerns of which a traveler needs to be made aware.  It always helps out if a person knows even just a tiny bit of the language and/or culture.  Remember to always be patient and courteous to airport staff because chances are airport workers are going as fast as they can with newly implemented security measures.  Raising one’s voice or looking impatient will only raise red flags for these employees and I imagine the red flag would be higher if the said person was intending on staying an extended amount of time in their country.  Having all of the paperwork in order before one head to the airport is ideal as it will aid in shorter wait times at the airport.  Calling ahead to the airport to make sure nothing in the luggage is forbidden will ease tensions in baggage claim lines if they are present.  The harshness of arrival into a country will depend on their laws and regulations.  Patience and “taking everything in stride” upon arriving is the best way to maintain one’s sanity.  (Hopefully, the airport food is good.)

Consider a person that may not be moving for a particular job but for the sole reason of experiencing and enjoying this new country.  What will he/she do for income?  According to A1 Auto Transport working online is the easiest way to come up with funds.  For instance, being a writer, blogger or photographer.  Wi-FI may be much slower abroad than in the United States so those that do use computers a lot need to be mindful of that.  Other very needed and often available jobs include being an English teacher, an office assistant, a laborer, waiter/waitress and/or bartender.  They may be community blogs, forums or social media pages for the new country that will list open positions or opportunities.  It would behoove someone to look for work prior to arriving in said country but it’s not entirely impossible to start looking upon arrival.  A1 Auto Transport also lists several companies that help those interested in moving abroad to find at least temporary employment.  If spur of the moment moving is more someone’s style chances are he/she may not already have a place to stay.  However, a person who does have a place to live in the new country already, should not forget to turn the utilities on before he/she gets there.  Whatever the reason is for venturing outside the U.S., it is important that the process of moving and what to expect is known.

The key to staying sane during one’s move is to expect that everything will be crazy and hectic, so just breathe.  Research airport regulations too before going.  That will help because every airport is different.  Downsize, pack and store items accordingly, and get ready for a new adventure abroad!  If international moving is upon you, just go to to find out the best deals for taking care of all of the above.  Remember preparation is vital but surprises are inevitable so take it all one step at a time and happy moving!

Submitted by Hannah Jacobs
on 03/08/18

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