The time to move

Submitted by SHLOK SINGHVI
on 03/10/18

The day was gloomy. Clouds were all over and it even started to rain. Time had come for me to come of age and become an independent human being. It was the day when I had to leave my grandparents’ house to move to college. The house where I had spent my formative years. The house where me and my siblings grew up together. The house which was my Home.

I remember how we children used to run around the large garden of the sprawling bungalow and climb up to the branches of the huge mango tree in the backyard. My grandmother made us ‘Aam Panna’, a traditional Indian drink made from raw mangoes. That tree used to be our play spot. We used it to play cricket, climbed on it and used its shade to rest under it.


The bungalow was very big. It had 6 rooms, 2 hallways, 2 kitchens and a huge garden.

This was because my grandfather, who is a very capable Civil Engineer, earned a lot of fame and money with his time and efforts with many consultancy firms.


My grandparents taught me a lot of things. I owe them a lot. They made me grow into an honest, hardworking individual and I thank them for it. Getting selected for one of the premier engineering institutions in the world was a real honor for me but this was all due to the efforts put in by my grandparents in my upbringing by inculcating traditions and values in me.


As the time to move was coming near, I got worried. Traveling to a new city which didn’t have any known people or relatives was intimidating. Living alone in an apartment was also very challenging for me, a person who enjoys having people around. That was also the first time was leaving my city to go and live somewhere permanently. It made nervously but the act was inevitable. There were many other doubts and problems for me. How will I pack all of my stuff myself? Who will help me transport all of it? How can I get this done in quick time without straining my pocket too much? The answers were provided by A1 Auto Transport! The shipping company had truly wonderful plans which suited both my needs and my pocket.


They helped me pack my stuff perfectly. If I were doing the packing, which box to select for which item and which item to put with which item etc. would have been impossible for me but the highly skilled and trained professionals at A1 Auto Transport made the work look so easy. Be it my favorite side table or my study table, everything was perfectly and professionally packed and transferred to the truck without even making me worry about anything being broken or damaged by the people at work. This is something commendable.

After transferring the items to the truck came the time for me to say goodbye to my grandparents. That was a very tough time. I didn’t want to go but the elderly and experienced heads gave me sensible advice. They told me to go and show the world what I was capable of. They wanted me to succeed in life and for that, I had to leave home. The advice was duly taken. I got emotional. Everyone at home was emotional but those were tears of joy. The tears which said that the future of their child was bright.

After leaving home, my concern was whether my things would be able to sustain the brunt of travel? Can these driving professionals drive my stuff safely and successfully to its location? All these questions might seem silly but it was for the first time that I had ordered this kind of service. After a six-hour, four hundred kilometer drive, I reached my new abode. A 2 bedroom, 1 hallway apartment which faced the lush green park of the local community. Nothing compared to my home, but this is what life is. If you want to achieve something on your own, you have to start from zero. Now, it was time to unpack. A very skeptical I opened up the first box which had my favorite glass night lamp. What did I see? An intact glassware packed brilliantly. This made me feel at ease. I finally believed that the service provided was world class. I didn’t even check all other boxes as I was assured that everything is fine with my ever-suspicious mind. Though the service was excellent, what about the money? How much did it take to travel 400 kilometers with 12, very heavy, expertly packed items?
Well, it was nothing compared to the service provided. $900. A sum of money I was very happily willing to pay for the work which had been done not only in packing the stuff or transporting it to my new place but also the pressure it took off me. I was really worried about leaving my grandparents alone and packing stuff was a huge headache for me under such circumstances. Life is not fair and I was worried whether I would see them ever again or not and under this thought, A1 Auto Transport was truly a big help.

That was then when I was young, overthought a lot and worried about things a lot. Now, after 4 years I am a successful Civil Engineer and run my own consultancy firm comprising of 14 people in my hometown. I stay with my beloved grandparents at my childhood home where the memories of my children keep me refreshed and the advice of my grandparents keeps me motivated to achieve wonderful things.

Even though packing and transporting may seem to be a small part of moving, when it came to sentiments and emotions, A1 Auto Transport was a really big help. I would like to thank them and the team which made it possible for me to move. It was really essential in making me reach where I am today. Thank You!

Submitted by SHLOK SINGHVI
on 03/10/18

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