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 Luna Sofia Garcia Carvajal on 10/21/17

This company is one the best companies in auto transportation that the United States has, is one of the most larger and professional services that there is, this company varies in a lot of services that can help the people, this company works with integrity, efficiency and sustainability the great services that they offer are the next ones

The door to door service, this service helps the customers by saving more time in the part of picking up the vehicle also it has a satellite tracking that the client can view in real time. The client can also choose the way his/her vehicle is transported. It can be transported in a multi-car transport truck this option is made for specific auto transport and it is safe and secure. Another good option is the flatbed truck that is ideal for transporting a dirt bike or motorcycle and a small vehicle. This company offers a really good service of transporting in any condition, like weather, the client can choose a enclose transport truck.

The international auto transport, A-1 Auto Transport has more than 20 years of experience in this service, the company works usually with a boat or air freight for transporting the vehicle safely. The air freight is usually the most expensive it is used mostly for luxury and exotic cars, the price for the transportation internationally is usually based on the car you are shipping the company A-1 Auto Transport has the most experience in this job, they take care of the care as it has their car. They work efficiently and they are always ready for any problem.

The international shipping also has a service for motorcycles, they have a lot of options for these like the following: Roro ( Roll on, roll off) which is a method when the vehicle is being transported by ship, the vehicle is going to be secured by the mechanism that the ship has, especially for the vehicle being transported. Crated is an affordable method to transport a bike, where the bike is secured inside a crate and placed on a pallet before transport, where is a secured method of transportation of the bike. Container, this method works if more than one bike at a time is being transported, they use the best method in order to have them all steady and safely in the course of the delivery. Door to door, this method will cost more than if the customer wants to pick up the vehicle at a terminal or port, but it is really convenient for high quality and classic bikes and the last option would be Port to port, this allows you to pick up your vehicle in the port or the terminal.

the customers want to have the best service for their vehicles especially if it is a classic car, the A-1 Auto Transport company wants the best for the customers cars, that’s why they do everything they have in their power for giving the best service they can, that is why they have a specific method just for this cars, the company uses a modern enclosed auto carriers, the service is offered even if it is for a museum or a show they will take care of the special car, in order to accomplish the method efficiently they have a matrix of delivery routes that operate across all 50 states.

RV shipping & relocation, the company has more than 25 years of experience in the RVs transportation internationally and nationally, the service of transporting RVs is challenging because of the size and shape of the vehicle that is way they have a really good and professional service for this vehicles,  the customer has to prepare the recreational vehicle for transport by securing everything, removal of personal items and disconnecting gas and power they deal with different delivery options like, Roro, Enclosed, Open Air and Door to Door, this company wants to give the customers the best service they can with the lowest prices.

The A-1 Auto Transport Company also transports boats internationally; this service has a lot of services for the boat shipping: Shrink Wrapping, it’s a service that protects the moisture of the boat by keeping away the salt which can cause damage. Roll on, Roll as mentioned before the boat will be secure with a trailer and delivered to the destination. Overland Transport, the company can handle anything include if the customers want the boat to be transported from an inland to a shipping port. Interstate Boat Shipping, A-1 Auto Transport is a company that wants to give the customer the best service and they offer a service where they can transport the boats to all 50 states no matter what. International Yacht Transport, they just don’t transport boats to the United States, also, to ports all around the world. Full Service moving, they will transport anything like sailboats, power boats, and yachts.

One of the best services that the company has to offer is the shipping of heavy equipment for the United States and also internationally, the heavy-duty machine transportation is a service that requires professional attention some companies offer transportation by aircraft, heavy-lift ships, flatbed truck or trailer, or container this type of machinery need a lot of care that is why they offer this method for the shipping of heavy equipment, like roll on/roll off a method with a flatbed ship especially used for industrial machinery. Flat Rack Shipping this method is used especially for transporting heavy equipment this is a great open-air method that can be cheaper. Container Shipping, it offers a good transportation in a container that protects the machinery form heavy weather. Lift on/lift off this method is specially used for non-operable vehicles, engines, farm equipment is a secure method for transporting this kind of machinery

The A-1 Auto Transport Company is a company with a lot of services to offer, they see the customers as their priority that is why they are so successful, if anyone would like to transport their vehicle safely and with no worries they should go to the company that has the best professionals working and the best service for everyone.

Submitted by

 Luna Sofia Garcia Carvajal on 10/21/17

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