The Most Affordable States To Live In Across The US

The Most Affordable States To Live In Across The US

Affordability is one of the factors that will be at the top of your list as you choose where you move to. Basic economics holds that “money is a scarce commodity” and therefore you will never have enough. The pressure on the little available resources has led to prices skyrocketing which has had a direct impact on the cost of living. The result is families relocating to more affordable states where they can have a better life. Your earnings will predominantly determine the choice of where you choose to move to in the US.



Here are some of the most affordable states to live in the US.


Texas is now among the ten most affordable states to live in. The recent past has seen this city cost of living drop unbelievably to a 42 out of 50 points. This means that an average earner can live comfortably here. A home will cost you less than $500,000 in the prime areas while the total monthly bills may not exceed $1000. This is quite manageable, and the public amenities are of high quality.


This is the largest city in Missouri with an estimated population of slightly above 400,000 people. With its fame for cuisines and craft breweries, the 21st century has seen an enormous growth of the city infrastructure. It is the sixth fastest growing state in the US and its population expected to grow by more than 40% in 2022. Although the recent experiment in the tax reform has left the prices of goods unpredictable, it remains one of the cheapest states to live in with a cost of living of 43 out of 50 points.

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Located in the southeast of the US, it is the 36th largest of the 50 US cities. It is known for agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing. This is a significant export hub of agricultural products and chemicals which makes it a rather productive place. The economy is quite vibrant with manageable tax rates for most essential commodities. The cost of healthcare is much more affordable than most of the states you can move to in America. The cost of living is affordable at 44 out of 50 points.


Well known as home to one of the most vibrant businesses of the 21st century, the Wal-Mart. Here, the prices of essential commodities are low compared to places like Boston and Virginia. The cost of energy and housing are some of the things that make it outstandingly low on its basics. The cost of rent for an apartment is something to the neighborhoods of $500, which is low compared to other states.

Various factors need to go into the decision you make as pertains the place you want to call home. We have outlined just a few above; the US is huge and there are numerous others states, cities, towns that one can opt to live. Before starting on the moving process, conduct extensive research into which place appears to meet your preferences.

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