The Importance of Downsizing When Moving to College

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Submitted by Shelby Ptak
on 12/09/17

Every year when kids go off to college, there comes a question of how everything will be moved. Students must decide whether they will move everything themselves or hire someone else to do it. No matter what they decide, it is important that they sort through what they need and what they don’t. Often times we don’t realize how much old stuff we have just sitting around, whether its clothes we don’t wear, kid’s toys we don’t use, books we already read, etc. Before moving, it is important to get rid of these unwanted items because it will help eliminate stress during the move. It also helps create space for the new things we will need after moving to college. Lastly, a college student cannot keep everything they own because of the limited space in the dorm room.

Moving into a college dorm for the first time is a big deal. Students are put under a lot of stress with moving, starting a new school, and a new atmosphere, so to make it a little less stressful they should figure out what they plan to take with them beforehand. Students should sell some of their belongings as a way to both earn money for college and make space for the new things they will need for college. For example, just about everybody has clothes that either don’t fit anymore or that we just don’t wear. These clothes can be sold to make room for new clothes and make it easier to transport clothes to college. In addition, the money made can be used to buy books or other necessities for college. When deciding what to take to college, it is easier to pack your bags when you have already gotten rid of the things you know you won’t be taking. While it’s true that some of your things can stay at home with your parents, it will be less stressful to declutter everything. This will also make it easier to transport everything, because you will know that you have everything you need and nothing you don’t. It is pointless packing and hauling things you don’t need, and it will cause a lot more stress and clutter once there. To eliminate some of the stress and clutter every student should downsize their belongings and assure that they only have the things they need.

It is important that we downsize when going to college, because there needs to be space for the new things we will need for college. We must have room for the new books we will need for college and the clothes we will get while at college. There will no longer be a need for old books when we have to have new college textbooks and other required books. Students will also want clothing that shows their school spirit rather than a shirt they haven’t worn in years. Making space for new stuff is something people should do annually anyway, however students should make a point to go through and really evaluate what they need before going to college. If they are unsure of what they need then it is easy to go through and eliminate the things they definitely don’t need. Then they can go through and assess what they may or may not need and when they time comes they can reevaluate whether they really need it or not. There will always be a need for new things, but we often forget that with this we must make room for the new things. We cannot keep getting new things without discarding some of our old things, because there simply isn’t enough room when moving. We must prepare for college by getting rid of things we don’t want and downsizing before we become overwhelmed with the ever-growing addition of new things.

It is not a secret that college dorm rooms are not the most spacious living quarters. This means that there is limited space for clothes, books, and other things that you may have room for at home. A student must downsize before moving, because there simply won’t be as much room as they may have had before. Rather than being able to keep things throughout the entire house, you will now have to keep everything within one room or even half of a room. This can be a drastic change for may students, and it is important that this limited space be kept tidy and organized. The best way to assure that is to make sure that the room is not crowded with unnecessary belongings. College can be overwhelming to begin with and to have a clustered room that is overfilled will only cause more stress. The stress of moving too much stuff into a small room can be very overwhelming, so to make the move as easy as possible a student should only bring what they need and nothing they don’t want. Moving is a big deal all the time, but it is an even bigger deal moving to college because it will be a much different housing style. The way to make this as seamless as possible is to make sure you won’t be overcrowding your room and causing more stress than is necessary. Before moving, it is important to downsize because there simply won’t be nearly as much living space as before.

There are many benefits to downsizing just in general, but there are extra benefits when moving to college. Getting rid of old stuff makes moving so much easier for everyone involved. If moving everything by themselves, the student will find everything much easier to haul if there are no unnecessary boxes. On the other hand, if the student were to hire movers for a long-distance journey or just because, it will make the move much easier and potentially less expensive if the student only takes the things they need. Moving is already a very stressful event, but the big move can be made an easier event with the organization of the items being moved. Students should downsize as a way to help themselves learn some of the responsibility of going to college and the importance of being able to decide when you no longer need something.

Submitted by Shelby Ptak
on 12/09/17

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