The Greatest Method for Sending a Car to Costa Rica

The process of transporting a car to another country isn’t one for the untrained and unequipped individual. It takes patience, familiarity, current shipping technology, and strong transport equipment to successfully ship the car into Costa Rica. The car must meet the nation’s regulations if it is to lawfully enter the border.

It is important that you hire an auto transporter with overseas transport history. They’ll understand the extreme importance of adhering to the country’s policies for import as they help you obtain the certificate of import approval. Costa Rica’s auto import policy remains rather lenient in comparison to many other countries. The import policies of foreign nations are always up for change. Before scheduling your vehicle’s transport, make sure that it complies with the restrictions of the country by calling the Embassy of Costa Rica.

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Container Transport Facts.

  • To ship your car through the most secure transport method, container shipping provides the greatest security. The sturdy, strong walls of the shipping container protect the car from outside hazards.
  • Container services let the customer ship a vehicle as well as other household goods. All items must clear the restrictions set by Costa Rica.
  • Your car will need to be prepped before its enclosed transport. Wash the exterior and thoroughly clean out the interior. Top off all the car’s fluids except the fuel which should read less than ¼ full. Make sure all tires are filled with air too.
  • Write down any noticeable damages that your vehicle might suffer from. Snap photos of the entire vehicle before its transport date. Use the notes taken when you inspect the vehicle after it arrives.

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