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Submitted by Michael Luhm 09/19/17

The auto transport industry is used by many in the working field, but it is also used by many auto enthusiasts.  Towing your car or motorcycle to an event can be a great luxury for many reasons.  As we consider who enthusiasts are, we must consider what they have in common when it comes to the vehicles they are towing.  There seems to be two main groups of people when it comes to the enthusiast’s spectrum.  They are mostly people who use their vehicles for racing, or for shows.  Both types of events have many similarities with the vehicles themselves.  We must be aware of what our vehicles needs, before we invest into an actual trailer.  As most people are looking for a deal, people must be aware of their trailer needs, while considering the vehicle(s) that we will be towing.

Throughout both types of events, most vehicles are very low to the ground.  Because of this, it can be very difficult to load and strap a vehicle down on a trailer.  Most of the time, people will carry extra wood blocks to help raise the body off the ground as they load the vehicle.  If you already have a trailer before you get a vehicle that is set up like this, most people would just deal with the issues, instead of purchasing another trailer.  However, having to deal with these issues, can become annoying, time consuming, and possible still cause damage to your car.  These are very important facts to consider when looking at trailers.  The time you load your vehicle will also play a part in this.  As it would be nice to always have plenty of time when it comes to loading and unloading, there is the reality that people are really busy and pressed for time when it comes to loading their vehicles.  Another issue could be low light, due to loading in the dark.  These situations could cause people to rush while loading, which may increase the chances for mistakes.  Mistakes, under these purposes, could cost damage to paint and body, or even possibly mechanical damage depending on the issue.  All of this is unwanted, and cost time and money to repair.

Because of the characteristics of the cars that make a lot of these issues relevant, the type of trailer must be considered.  Trailers that are designed for loading lowered vehicles are often considerably more in cost.  This is hard for many people to justify the extra cost when placing wood down is a less expensive concept, but definitely not as safe.  There are many tricks that people can use when loading cars, but they are not always safe either.  People do not always do things depending on their safety or not.  Most make decisions off of cost.  Companies are more likely to perform under safer regulations.  Companies also are more likely to perform carefully, because any loss translates into a loss of profit.  When people are working on their own vehicles, loss is not always translated the same.  For example, a person’s race car may have scratches on it that are acceptable, but this would not go over well for a person who has a show car.  People that build nice race cars care about the paint as well.  Taking the time to place the car on and off the trailer must be done so with care.

Many people have open trailers, but you can’t always lock your stuff up.  This issue can be addressed by purchasing an enclosed trailer.  This type of trailer can be a real blessing.  You do need to measure accurately, however.  It is important to note whether you can get out of the car once it is in the trailer.  Not all trailers have provisions for the doors to be opened once the car is inside.  This can be handled by either by having a door open on the side, or by installing a winch that pulls the car up.  The winch might be a better idea, because sometimes our beloved machines break, and pushing cars into the trailer is not much fun.  This can be the same problem on open trailers, but you could have the option to climb out the window, although this may not be a realistic option for everyone.  Enclosed trailers are better for keeping your other personal items safe.  Whether it is cleaning supplies or tools, people tend to sleep better when they know their personal possessions are safe.  It also can keep people from eyeballing your car.  It is an added piece of security to keep your vehicle discretely tucked away when you really do not want to be showing it to the world.

Another thing to consider is where you will sleep on your trips that require overnight visits.  Many racers have the opportunity to stay at the track with their cars, which is an awesome experience.  If you are going to be camping out, you may want to consider a trailer with living accommodations built into it.  These trailers do cost more money, but it is a wonderful experience to stay with your ride.  Plus, you can get more rest and eventually save money once the trailer is paid off.  Of course, hotels can be nice too, but it is not the same.  Most car guys enjoy the night at the track.

There can be many things to consider when getting a trailer that suits your vehicle’s needs.  Purchasing used can be a good deal.  But as a person shops, they should shop for a trailer that meets their needs, which may not necessarily fit their wallet.  This can be tough because cars are already expensive. Parts can fail, and depending on your budget, you may already be pretty stretched.  Many people may sacrifice comfort for a while, but there seems to be a time where many will come to the conclusion that comfort is something they will not sacrifice anymore.  What do you want, and what do you need?  These questions must be answered honestly, and realistically.  Remember, you’re the one who will deal with your purchase, so purchase a trailer that meets your desires.

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