The Different Supplies You Need to Move Your Pets Safely

The Different Supplies You Need to Move Your Pets Safely

Moving houses stresses you and your pets too. As you move up and down the rooms picking a toy here and a pair of shoes there, the chaos can be overwhelming. Then there is the tearing sound of packing tape that is synonymous with the sealing of carton boxes. Add this to the roar of moving trucks and the chatter of personnel from the moving company; it can be overwhelming. Notwithstanding this flurry of activity, your priority should be how to move your furry companions safely.



The supplies listed below will ensure a hassle-free trip:

Vehicle restraint

Unlike humans, pets cannot remain seated in one place inside a moving car. In the event instant brakes are applied, they could get injured and suffer shock. At the same time, failure to restrain a pet could cause severe injuries when it tries to jump out of a moving car. To prevent this unexpected movement, use a harness for pet protection.

Pet food and bowls

While in transit, you should try as much as possible to maintain a dog or cat’s routine. Carry the food they love most and bring along the bowls they usually use. When it’s feeding time, try as much as possible to schedule a stopover to allow the pet feed. Do not break the food or water drinking cycle as this is the only way to make your pet feel comfortable while on transit.

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Toys and bed

Your journey may require that you spend one or two nights in a hotel or at a campsite. Ensure that you have carried your pet’s bed and toys in the trunk. These will help make him feel at home even if you are in an unfamiliar place; this helps lower anxiety and keeps the animal calm.

Waste bags

During stopovers, you might want to let everyone out to freshen up and visit the washrooms. Pets need similar breaks. Carry with you waste bags for the collection of poop and droppings. You do not want to go dumping animal waste all over the place. In case it rains, paper towels come in handy in cleaning messes from your cat’s or dog’s muddy paws.

Crate or cage

For pets such as dogs, bunnies, cats, and birds, you need to put them in a cage or box. However, you should acclimatize the pet to its new enclosure even before commencement of the journey. A few days prior, let the animal eat its meal while inside the enclosure. Give incentives that will lead to familiarization with the cage.

Because the safety of pets while in transit should take preference, be sure you have these supplies while in transit. Leashes protect dogs from getting injured or jumping out of a moving car. Preferred food items served on the animal’s usual bowl reassures the pet. Throw in a bed and some toys for the homely feeling. Waste bags come in handy for hygiene purposes. An enclosure such as a cage or crate keeps an animal safe.

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