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on 12/15/2018

As many of us know, distractions while driving can lead to catastrophic accidents, injury and even death, and I ask…Is it worth it? It is not worth risking your life and the lives of those around you by checking your phone and using social media while driving.

At some point we have all been guilty of sneaking a quick peek at our cell phones while behind the wheel of a car, it is just a natural human reaction to get distracted, however unfortunately that one quick second that your attention is diverted off of the road and towards your cell phone is all that is needed for a major accident to happen. As most of these distractions come from social media notifications, teens being the ones who use social media the most are impacted by this the most.

As soon as our phones go off, we quickly jump on it and see what made our phones notifications go off and that is very dangerous especially when behind the wheel of a vehicle. I feel a way we can reduce the dangerous driving habits in teens is by making them more aware of exactly how dangerous using your phone and driving really is, I feel that most teens are simply just not getting the message about how big of a problem this is and we need to do something to fix it before it just gets worse.

Every teen has to take a drivers education program before they can obtain their driver’s license, I feel that the best way to ensure teens never use their cellphones while driving is to spend some more time focusing on that issue in our driver’s education classes. Just telling teens about the dangerous effects of using our phones while driving will not enforce the point. I will mention my own experience in drivers education to prove that by taking more time to show the effects of texting and driving is effective.

My teacher showed the class many videos about parents talking about their childrenfinal words in a text, just seconds before dying in a car crash due to texting and driving. By my drivers education teacher showing that video and really putting into perspective just how dangerous texting and driving is, I can say that because we were taught about this issue we are now more cautious and less likely to get injured in a car crash involving our cellphones.

Another factor that will help reduce the frequency of crashes involving cell phones could be from parental influences, if teens have seen their parents from a young age constantly using their phones while driving, they will pick up on their parents bad driving habits assuming that there is nothing wrong with using a cell phone with driving and soon enough when they get their license they will be copying their parents.

Using a cell phone and driving is a very dangerous and an ongoing problem that will not go away unless we do something to stop it. I strongly believe that by becoming more educated on the dangers of your actions and by not copying others bad habits, we can overcome this problem that we have been facing and save the lives of millions of people who are killed in car crashes due to cell phone distractions.

on 12/15/2018

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