Cheapest Way to Ship a Car to Europe

Cheapest Way to Ship a Car to Europe

Shipping your car from the United States to Europe is made much easier and much less stressful when you hire experienced international auto transport professionals. A lot of people assume that the cost of shipping a car to another country is too expensive for them to afford. This isn’t necessarily true. Matters of fact, car shipping services have a reputation for their cost efficiency. Auto transport companies also provide many advantages and guarantee their services and safe deliveries all over the globe.



Find a transport company with a positive reputation, affordable rates and the ability to ship a car to Europe. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find the right transporter if you use the Internet for help. Go over the websites of the transporters nearest your car. Look for their credentials, services, rates, and contact information. Once you have a few international auto transporters you’re interested in, call them to collect estimates for comparison.

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Facts about RO/RO Transport

  • It is the cheapest, most cost efficient way to ship a car to Europe from the U.S.
  • Since the Roll Off/Roll On method is an open-air shipping service, the car is secured to the top of a flatbed ship where it remains as it travels across the ocean to Europe.
  • This shipping method is considered safe and is even protected under the transporter’s insurance coverage.
  • Automotive manufacturers and dealerships often use this shipping method to ship inventory from state to state, country to country through ground and overseas open air methods. They are frequent transport customers that tend to ship out multiple vehicles to a place at one time. RO/RO is the only way to ship more than one vehicle to a country at once.
  • Open air transport is not accepted by all seaports. The embassy of the European country the car is to deliver to can explain the import laws and restrictions to you over the phone. They’ll know what ports accept this method of shipping and figure out the best and cheapest options for you.
  • When you choose to ship your car through open air methods, you cannot have anything in the car for the transport. The only items that can be left behind include a car jack, spare tire and the floor mats.

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