Submitted by Karla Alvarez on 05/09/17


Trends and topics adequately change the value of objects throughout time. Trends
constantly change due to media, celebrities, and other societal factors. Many tend to find
happiness through objects such as cars, for example. In today’s society, materialism takes part in everyone’s life no matter what social class they belong to. A nice car heavily affects how people live because it strongly determines what people think of them. Maserati and Dodge demonstrate ethos and pathos to persuade males to buy their car by leveraging the media and materialism to treasure happiness through objects.

To begin, Maserati compellingly correlates ethos and pathos to persuade the male
population that material items, specifically a car, bring true happiness to a person. Maserati
includes ethos with the use of their popular brand name and pathos with the implied emotions to prompt males to wish they owned this vehicle by leveraging the media and materialism to seek happiness through objects. Many men attempt to find the best vehicle on the market by
contemplating the car’s physical appearance and its abilities on the road. Trends and topics set
the standards for what is acceptable in today’s society. Maserati, a world class company that
produces luxury cars endures recognition from many famous people, which strengthens the
brand’s ethos or credibility. For instance, Future, the highly acclaimed rapper, uses Maserati in
his songs which makes the young generation desire them. The fact that this type of car makes an appearance in Future’s compositions strengthens the credibility or ethos of the brand, therefore the audience most likely thinks about purchasing the car because of the rapper’s positive description of it. The way that Future favorably portrays a Maserati in his music causes the listener to wish that they owned this luxurious car because of the diction utilized to describe it.

This appeals to one’s emotions and creates pathos because as a reader, one feels persuaded to
buy a Maserati because the rapper describes it as one of the best cars in existence. When the
advertisement states that “the key to an extraordinary life is quite literally a key.” the audience
gets further convinced that this product impacts their future greatly in a positive way if
purchased. Here, the ad once again uses pathos, making the reader feel like they will, for a fact,
live an extraordinary life after obtaining the Maserati. The author also includes pathos when it
adds that this car represents “the absolute opposite of ordinary.” They include this phrase to
cause a feeling of incredibleness and fascination towards the vehicle, thus, making it more likely for males to go out and acquire one of these outstanding cars. Maserati targets men because they assume that by owning a world class car with amazing style, complexity, and elegance, they also attract women into their lives. Through the use of ethos and pathos, Maserati effectively convinces guys to at least look into buying their item because it makes them feel that without this car, their lives are uneventful and boring.
Using a similar strategy, Dodge effectively use ethos and pathos to persuade males to buy
their vehicle by leveraging the media and materialism to treasure happiness through objects. This car brand provides ethos because their company has a fair amount of credibility since thousands of people buy their cars. The pathos appears when the author attempts to touch the readers’ emotions by showing how cool and luxurious the car looks, making them want to own their very own. They include pathos with the statement, “Separates the men from the boys,” because it makes the male population want to form part of the tougher, cooler men portion instead of the weak and lame younger boys. Dodge includes more eye catching people in their ads, this embarks in a range of jealous males who want to look and feel like the people in the ads.

While Maserati convinces the audience of a positive future when owning this vehicle.
In conclusion, Maserati and Dodge effectively use ethos and pathos to persuade males to
purchase their vehicles by leveraging the media and materialism to treasure happiness through
objects. Many people desire to own exotic things, and Maserati and Dodge adopt many similar
marketing strategies, thus persuading the male audience to want to be the person with the car.
This strongly affects these companies because they want to make profit and sales which
embodies the purpose of these ads.


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