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Submitted by Kenleigh Anna Benoit
on 11/15/18

As smart technology increases, teenagers become more addicted to their cellular devices. It is to the point where they
refuse to take a break while they are driving throughout their community. One glance at a phone while driving can
completely transform the life of the driver, surrounding drivers, and nearby pedestrians.

It is extremely vital that our society takes a step to reduce the risk of death or injury due to texting while driving and distracted driving. Drivers of all ages must stop engaging in distracting actions while driving, especially teenagers. First of all, it is okay to arrive late. No matter how important arriving on time seems, nothing is as important as the life of yourself and others.

People will rather you be late than getting in an accident. There is no point in driving as fast as you can to every destination. Teenagers these days may think it is “cool” to drive fast. In reality, it is annoying and rude to the other drivers on the road, especially to moms with multiple children in the car. Looking cool amongst your peers is no match to the life of a child. Another dangerous driving habit among teenagers is drinking and driving. Although this is not legal, there are always many accounts of drunk teenage drivers on the news. This is just idiotic. It is already not responsible to drink alcohol but to not even have a ride after is more destructive.

When one is intoxicated, they are in absolutely no state to drive. It is also important that other teenagers know to not ride with a friend who is driving under the influence. This habit can be reduced by having speakers of the same age come to schools to show teenagers the danger of distracted driving. If the speakers are the same age as the listeners, then, I believe, they will have more respect towards them.

They will see that not everyone their age cares about how fast they are driving. Having speakers who have been in an accident due to these driving habits would be more influential because the students can see firsthand how their lives were negatively affected by them. Another main dangerous driving habit that needs to be terminated is texting and driving. Texting requires two hands
and undivided attention.

You need all of these things to drive and your dedication must be to driving. It is way more
important than whatever is on the iPhone. Driving is also more important than anything that could be on your
Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter. Teenagers need to realize that all of these things will be waiting for them when they
get to their desired destination. This can be reduced by settings on the iPhone. Better yet, teenagers can completely
turn their phones off before driving.

Another good idea to prevent phone involvement is giving teenagers an incentive. Teenagers can access an app that gives you points for not accessing your phone while you are driving. These points can add up to give the teen driver a gift card or reward. Local restaurants can donate for this cause. Perhaps it could be turned into a game. You can try to beat your friends to see who can get the higher amount of points on the no texting and driving game.

No texting and driving ads can be posted over social media. Social media is where most teenagers find information. If the goal was to make as many teenagers see this as possible, then social media is the perfect platform. When teenagers see celebrities and high-powered people advocating the prevention of texting and driving on social media, then they will follow their lead. Teenagers look up to people on social media.

Although I am not the biggest fan, if many of my friends saw Kim Kardashian on their phones telling them to get off of social media while driving, then they most likely will follow her orders. There are many steps that our society can take to stop the spread of dangerous driving habits among teenagers. Driving is honestly a blessing. The fact that our parents are in a financial position that they can afford to buy us cars is very lucky.

Teenagers must know that they need to drive safe because some people can not even drive. They must know that their actions can have a large effect on their own lives and the lives of others. If we all work together, we can end distracted driving and protect many lives on the roads.

Submitted by Kenleigh Anna Benoit
on 11/15/18

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