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Submitted by Soleil Ailin Mora García 11/17/17

Having the opportunity can be for some an exciting and thrilling experience, however. For others, changing of home address can turn to be a stressful task. Moving of residence requires a logistic plan in order to achieve the right type, size, money and time. Thus, the first thing to do is prepare the place you are living by buying cleaning supplies such as boxes, bags and cleaning products for the bathroom and common areas. Experts recommend starting by cleaning the bathroom because usually, the bedroom has many little items which distract people making them have memories. Still, there is always the possibility of hiring a professional cleaner. In addition, items must be scattered between needed / useful or the ones that can be donated or thrown away. When the important items are selected, the type and size of boxes and the truck rental can be determined. Is always important to take into account special requirements of the transport establish by the country or state of destination.

When finding the perfect moving service according to your specific case there are some “must do’s” involved such as check the company website and explore their services while comparing rates. Moving service companies are generally monitored by local state organizations, which can be found on the company’s websites. Look for suggestions and call the company. Ask for quotes, which according to the company can be as an online tool, and the conditions of storage facilities if the use them.  Storage facilities are useful whether you need to clear the old house address, or the new address requires more time in order to be available for you. In that case, the size must be determined, and some questions must be asked such as the enter facility hours, the existence of insurance and the characteristics of the storage rooms (climate control and security).

The moving services can be organized to be a local transportation or a long distances transportation. In the case of a local transport, some advantages can be considered such as the adjustment of the time of packing and transporting depends in the person, as well as the help (family or friends) is arranged by the owner of the place. Which assures a good handling of the items, considering the “be careful” materials to the truck rental arranged (by the house owner). On the other hand, doing it yourself can bring some disadvantages regarding the muscle power, due to the high weights that can be carried by the helpers (furniture, big boxes and kitchen utensils) back problems can be developed. Moreover, accidents when moving items from one floor to the other or simply just moving an item across the bedrooms hall.

In contrast, moving services can easily be done by a professional service from a company. As a result, you do not have to worry about the hard work and the role taken by the house owner is to be the leader of which items and boxes. Furthermore, the professional services help you to have everything organized and ready for the journey on time. Still, disadvantages such as not too much availability during busy seasons (usually during summer). For this reason, hiring moving


services need to be arranged with time, and if it is needed there is always a high probability not to have a positive answer if it is in a busy season. In addition, the cost of the service can increase if the service is required immediately and during an occupied season. However, the prices must be established considering the amount of item needed to be transported.

In order to have a successful transportation of your possessions whether it is a local moving or a long distance (and international) transportation. In a local transportation is advisable to make a plan/schedule, it can be a checklist regarding all the steps to fulfill or the relevant points of the moving service. Analyze your case with detail, make a floor plan of the destination of your belongings and distributed them between needed and not needed. In the case of wanting to do a car shipping, remember to have all the document in order and organized, so they can be easily found in case there are needed. As well as to have the vehicle clean.

In the case of a long distances transportation is essential to determine which are the items are the indispensable ones. The moving service company must be select carefully, so it fulfills the needs. As a result, hiring the company must be done in advance keeping in mind the busiest season and their consequences. In addition, the boxes are advised to be labeled to avoid headaches finding specific items; and those can be arranged in an inventory. Besides, according to the country or state, some tax breaks can exist according to the situation.

However, there are several specific cases when a moving service can be needed. An important one is college/university moves. Where according to experts a university student regularly has the need to move due to problems with roommates of change of studying campus from two to three times each year. The transportation can be with self-arranged truck rental, which can be much cheaper, considering that most of the truck rental companies have offer discount to students. On the other hand, an auto transport can be made by the student himself, still, it can have significant disadvantages considering that can be the first of the person as an adult, and It can be the first time driving long distances over the night in a highway. As a result, it can end in an accident, so the most advisable decision is to hire an expert driver to take safely the item to the destination. In addition, if it is a long-distance transportation (different state or country) Is prudent to hire professional help.

The moving service specific characteristics are defined by the size, type, and location of the transportation that is needed. In all the cases the most important thing is to organize the belongings and determine which are indispensable and must be part of the group which is going to be sent. Afterwards, assign the type of transportation you wish and need to be done (local or long distance / big scale) and create a plan/checklist. Nevertheless, in the case, you must choose carefully the company, or the people how is going to help with the muscle power and the type of equipment needed to have a successful transportation.

Submitted by Soleil Ailin Mora García 11/17/17

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