Spotting Fake Moving Reviews

Whenever you are considering hiring a moving company, always do your own research. Part of this research may involve using the internet and taking a look at some reviews. Obviously, hearing from actual clients is a great way to find out exactly how the company operates and the type of service you should expect. The problem is that this is an industry know for scams. So how do you know if the review itself is real or fake? Here are a number of ways to spot fake moving reviews.

Overly Descriptive:

In a normal review an actual customer will simply focus on the good or bad points of their moving experience. They may also give a little bit of details about why they really liked (or didn’t like) the particular moving company. Therefore, if a review is overly descriptive, there is a good chance it is fake. In many cases, it might actually be written by the company itself. A huge giveaway is a review that sounds more like a book or a story, describing every single step of the process.

Overly Positive:

By the same token, instead of being overly descriptive and reading as a story, the review might be very, very positive. This is another indication that it could be fake. If the review is completely praising every aspect of the moving company without saying even one thing that could have been just a bit better, chances are this is fake. They may even actually try to make some unverifiable claims, like this company has all of the services anyone will ever want.

Overly Negative:

If a review is completely destroying the moving company, chances are pretty good that it is fake or the reviewer is exaggerating to make their point. They may have had a bad experience with the company, but certainly not everything went wrong. Another possibility is that the review was actually written by a competitive only interested in scary away new potential customers.

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Same Language:

Look in several of the reviews to see if they use similar language, story lines, or just a repetitive type of structure. In this case, what may have happened is that a person was actually paid to write these reviews. Yet, they weren’t able to keep their own personal style from showing throw, leading to a fair amount of symmetry in several reviews. Be careful of such a company.

Discovering The Truth:

But there is hope. Finding out the truth is a simple matter of doing your research:

  • Use multiple websites and sources: Check out places like the Better Business Bureau and use government resources such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Read the reviews also, with the above tips in mind.
  • Check the credentials of the company: Verify company age and ownership along with anything like a Department of Transportation number. These are easy to do and will save a lot of trouble.

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