Special Items You Should Pack and Carry on Your Person during the Move

Special Items You Should Pack and Carry on Your Person during the Move

In every move, you should separate items into three piles; disposables, movers and personal. Although all household items belong to you, they are not all equal in value and meaning. Here is a look at special items that should be in the personal pile so you can carry them in your car instead of in the moving truck.




Although they may not be expensive, your official documents like certificates, title deeds, lease agreements, ID and others are incredibly valuable and almost impossible to replace. For that reason, you must take special care in storing them and pack them in your special personal bag. Apart from just protecting them from loss and damage, you need to have some documents with you for identification and other purposes before you unpack.


These are typically those items that are expensive or irreplaceable like family heirlooms, antiques, jewelry, fine china and expensive paintings. While not all valuables can fit into your car, you should make a point of handling these items personally and making arrangements for them to prevent accidents.

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Overnight backpack

Whether you will arrive in your new house the same day or not, it is very important to pack a personal bag for the night. This will cover you for the time being before you unpack everything else. An overnight bag should include toiletries, change of clothes, keys, money and credit cards, medication, snacks, phone charger and a flashlight. You can also have your comb, makeup and any other small item that you may need along the way.


Electronics should also be divided into two categories; personal and truck. While things like refrigerator, cooker and dishwashers can go into the truck; have your flat screen TV, laptop and other gadgets put in your car. But, wherever they are placed, you must still take steps to protect these delicate items by ensuring they are swathed in bubble wrap and sealed in boxes.


The last thing you want is to get to a new house and have to open all the boxes because you cannot find essential tools. A tool box should always remain in the car just like the spare wheel because they can be used at any time. Make sure you have a hammer, bolts, nails, pliers, duct tape and some electrical gadgets in your tool box.

First aid kit

Just like the tool box, your first aid kit should never leave the car unless there is an emergency. It is especially necessary during a long distance move because people can get ill on the way. Your first aid kit should have all the necessary items and also a pack of painkillers and acid reflux medication.

Moving from one house to another is exhausting and you may need to rest on the first day. With these special items safe and secure in your car, you can rest easy knowing there is no rush to unpack everything on the first night.

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