Skipping town, twice

Submitted by Pierina Alfaro Caso
on 11/24/17

My aunt left Peru too many years ago. I still remember the day she showed me her plane ticket,
repeating her mantra: “California will treat me right”. I guess a cheating husband would make anyone skip town. And truth be told, this third world country has never treated any of us right.
California was a dream. I went to visit her long after she left and I had never seen her so happy.
Sunny weather did her well and a new husband kept her hopes up. She lived in a really quiet neighborhood near the Silicon Valley. We would walk everywhere and anywhere, discover the joy of feeling safe being outside four walls. I was 12 then and by the time I had to go back home,
I already knew it wouldn’t be for long. I had never felt so good in my own country. For my 15th
birthday I got a wish granted: we went on a road trip to Disneyland. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one living the dream. All the characters from our favorite movies were brought to life, the music, the food, the games, even the city of Los Angeles itself; it was an emotional rollercoaster.

But it wasn’t long before I had to go back, again. And this time, life went too fast. School was over and I started college. More expenses came and money wasn’t enough to visit so often. On my third year of studies, I got a call from her. “Husband’s dead”. We knew he was sick. We knew he didn’t have that long to go. But it still took us by surprise, as I said, life went too fast.
“I can’t stay here”. Now, this is where the real story begins. My aunt had been living in California for almost 10 years, never considered moving and now the death of her loved one was too much to bare. I guess the place she had learned to call home now only caused her pain. She was a fighter but she couldn’t stay. She needed a clean slate.
I went to the funeral and stayed with her for a week, helped her clean the apartment and get rid
of some things. You would imagine how much clutter a couple can accumulate, we needed more time to get through all of it but mostly, I was there to create new memories. I tried to help her let go. But that has never been easy, has it?
Before I had to go back, her tunnel had a sudden light at the end. Some high school friend living in Seattle invited her to live and work with her as soon as possible. It seemed that her fresh start now had a name. Seattle was a rainy city. Really rainy and gloomy. But she didn’t mind. It was the fresh air she needed.

The adventure of moving started and she was all by herself for this. For some reason that, to this day I can’t seem to understand, she didn’t think of an auto transport service. Instead, she decided she would drive all the way from California to Seattle. “It’s the only way I can take my car! Besides, it’s still the west coast, can’t be that long of a drive, right?”. Wrong. Fourteen hours wrong. She checked the route, memorized the rest stops, poured strong coffee on her travel mug and left sunny California for good.
Now, I wish I had this story first hand because details always matter. But from what she could tell me, I can only be grateful for the existence of rest stops with clean restrooms, free cookies, and nice people. She stopped only twice before getting to what would become her new home. And she felt reborn.
It’s been 4 years now. The city of Seattle has shown to have a magic of its own. She’s working with her friend still but moved to an apartment of her own. The job makes her happy and pays the bills. She goes to the gym now, got a cat and a new boyfriend that might just be the one,
because as they say, third time’s the charm.

I went to see her last year. Rainy Seattle is never going to be like dreamy California, but it does have its perks. We spend sunny days walking around Green Lake Park, chasing ducks and feeling free. I fell in love with Molly Moon’s lavender ice cream, and the view from the top of the Space Needle is really breathtaking. She’s happy and I couldn’t ask for more.
Life is full of surprises, isn’t it? Running away from people or places doesn’t always mean letting go, but it does help with the coping and new experiences always do mean new lessons.
If there was only one thing I could change about all of this I’m sure it would be her driving to another
state all by herself. Luckily nothing happened to her, besides extreme tiredness, but what if an accident had taken place? Driving through heavy rain can’t be an easy task, you need the experience to avoid complications. And fourteen hours is just too long of a drive. Now, I know about the existence of A1-Auto Transport, a company that focuses on making the process of shipping a car as smooth as possible. They provide qualified drivers, proper equipment and prices that won’t exceed your budget. Even your estimated timing won’t be compromised as they focus on giving their clients the best possible experience. I’m positive my aunt would have saved herself some hours of stress behind the wheel, if only we had known about the company.
Good thing is, now you know who to call if you ever have the need to drive across the interstate for fourteen hours because you have to ditch the beautiful sunny city where you met, married andhad taken from you the love of your life, after escaping an unfaithful partner from your home country. Happens to the best of us.

Submitted by Pierina Alfaro Caso
on 11/24/17

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