Signs That A Mover Is Not Right For You

Signs That A Mover Is Not Right For You

A good moving process calls for good coordination, planning and communication. This can only be achieved when you work with a moving company that is dedicated to delivering excellence in the moving process. It is unfortunate, but there are some moving companies out there who only seem to care about your needs before you sign-up with them. As soon as this is done, their attention shifts to the next customer. This means that you will have a very hard time in your move especially if it is a long distance one.



To ensure that this does not happen to you, here are some signs you need to look out for:

A very low quote

Their prices will be relatively lower compared to other firms and they will do whatever it takes to make signing seem like the most reasonable decision to make. Once you sign, they will then find ways to charge you more come moving day. So, if it looks too good to be true, be very careful because it probably is.

Lack of paperwork

Some companies will device some weird tactics when dealing with paperwork. There are those that will want to do everything with no paperwork. They will want to settle everything casually so that you don’t get anything you can use for reference in future should they not deliver as promised. The other group to avoid is the companies that will try to get you to sign without reading. This almost always means that something is wrong with the contract and they want you to commit before you notice it.

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When looking at their customer reviews, you should look out for two things. First, look at the bad reviews. How many are they? What are the customers complaining about? Are the complaints recurring? This will help you highlight the weaknesses to expect in their service delivery. The other thing to look out for is super positive reviews. This could also mean that something isn’t right.

No address, logo or physical location

A good moving company should have no problem telling you where their offices are. You don’t want to work with a fly by night moving company operating from somebody’s basement. Working with such a company can leave you frustrated when things go wrong and the only way to reach them is via phone or email.

Lack of license or registration

It is mandatory for long distance moving companies in the US to be registered with the Department of Transportation. If they cannot give you their DOT number, then they probably don’t have it.

Lack of cargo insurance

In addition to being licensed and registered, moving companies are required to have cargo insurance. This ensures that you are protected should your belongings get lost or damaged along the way. A company that doesn’t have this cover will give you trouble should the unexpected happen.

Look out for these signs when choosing a moving company for your local or long distance moves to ensure that you have an easy time managing the transition.

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